Santa Ana gin: most intriguing gin we discovered this year

As this end of the year is all about glitters and sequins, Santa Ana gin is THE drink to serve. This complex and intriguing gin inspired by the roaring twenties in the Phillippines is an ode to the famous cabaret club Santa Ana, where the music was loud and alcohol flowed freely. It is a real explosion of flavours that turns the Great Gatsby pale.

Freedom, abundant parties and flapper dresses… the roaring twenties era sounds like it was one big party, and many of us would have loved to experience it for ourselves. Santa Ana gin might help you as it makes you feel like you’re one of the lead actors in The Great Gatsby.

A roaring gin
Manilla became a hotspot during the roaring twenties. When the Americans became rulers, they invested in Manilla until it became one of the greatest Art Deco cities in the world. The city became the center of entertainment. More specifically, its club Santa Ana Cabaret. The club was very popular among the diverse residents of Manilla. It was a time of opulence and optimism. All this, the makers of Santa Ana tried to capture in a gin.

Floral and tropical
The gin contains four native filipino plant extracts: Ylang Ylang, Alpinia, Calamansi en Dalandan that result in floral top notes. Of course they are combined with the seven traditional gin botanicals such as bitter orange and juniper, which add a tropical citrus flavour. The result is a delicious gin, distilled in the French Charente region. Frankly speaking it is the most complex and intriguing gin we discovered this year. A real explosion of flavours

Serving suggestion
Pour 45 ml of the Santa Ana Gin, 25 ml of lemon juice and 20 ml of a sweetener (like agave or honey) into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake thoroughly for 15 seconds. Sif the drink and pour it into a cooled champagne glass. For some extra roaring twenties glamour, add some champagne and a slice of lemon. Et voilà!

Santa Ana Gin is sold and distributed in Belgium & Luxembourg exclusively by Premium Spirits :,
Advised price: 38 euros/70cl

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