Hendrick’s Flora Adora convinces with its secret flower blend

Hendrick’s Gin unveils Flora Adora, the new limited edition from Hendrick’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The delightfully fresh and enchanting floral gin embodies the signature style of the house and features a secret bouquet of flowers that are particularly attractive to butterflies and bees.

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This new gin is crafted at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace located on the rugged coasts of Ayrshire in southwestern Scotland, clearly bearing the signature of Master Distiller Lesley Gracie. Fascinated by the swirling dance of insects in her garden, she used her favorite bouquet of flowers as the inspiration for the infusion that gives Hendrick’s Flora Adora its character.

“I find it incredibly relaxing to watch the butterflies and bees at work in my garden. It fascinates me that they visit certain flowers while ignoring others. I used those flowers that are more appealing to create the flower blend of Hendrick’s Flora Adora.”

Hendrick’s Master Distiller Lesley Gracie

Ally Martin, Hendrick’s Global Ambassador, adds, “The Hendrick’s Gin Palace is Lesley’s playground and source of inspiration. When it opened, Lesley scattered wildflower seeds that bloom at different times, ensuring that her surroundings always look different. Just like Lesley, everything here is constantly in motion. Her intoxicating and refreshing flower infusion contains only flowers that are favored by nectar-seeking insects. The signature rose develops in the typical Hendrick’s style, revealing itself fully at the end.”

Hendrick’s Flora Adora is perfect for a relaxed get-together. Its intoxicating floral aroma fills the air, and its refreshingly herbal character is quintessentially Hendrick’s. The juniper and coriander base is supported by a bright green note and blissfully sweet floral hints.

Aroma: A seductive aroma of captivating flowers and a fresh, herbal character in the classic Hendrick’s style.

Tasting: The juniper and coriander base is enhanced by a lush green and wonderfully sweet floral characteristics, creating a wonderfully balanced gin.

The gin pairs wonderfully with tonic and a slice of cucumber, but it also shines in a Wildgarden Cup – a mixture of fresh mint, cooling cucumber, and juicy raspberries, topped with sparkling lemonade. On the other hand, the gin has so much character that it also shines in combination with nothing but the softer Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water.

Available at select liquor stores, bars, and supermarkets starting now.

Recommended retail price: €47.95 (70 cl)

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