Filorga NCEF-Shot mesotherapy in a bottle

Mesotherapy is a very effective anti-aging treatment but as not everyone loves injections, Filorga – the French expert in anti-aging cosmetics with a medical background – decided to launch Filorga NCEF-Shot Supreme Polyrevitalising Concentrate, mesotherapy in a bottle. 

Small yet powerful injections, that is mesotherapy. A versatile beauty treatment that can be used to cope with a wide range of problems but especially is used for anti-aging. With mesotherapy the skin therapist injects microscopic quantities of active ingredients like pharmaceuticals, vitamins and minerals or hydrating ingredients (hyaluronic acid) into your skin or scalp to help it rejuvenate and repair itself.

Filorga NCEF-Shot Supreme Polyrevitalising Concentrate is a 10-day anti-aging cure. Very effective in reviving your skin with radiance all the while visibly reducing the appearance of signs of aging. In just 10 days, this treatment regenerates cells and activates new ones for an exceptional anti-aging result : the quality of the skin is visibly improved, the complexion is clear, wrinkles are smoothed and the skin regains its firmness and elasticity. Suitable for all skin types.

We tested it out and loved the light texture and delicate fragrance of the facial serum. Every day, in the morning and evening, our skin received a dose of active ingredients equivalent to 1 meso injection. We found out that our skin was more even, smoother and less grainy, and we noted that the wrinkles around our eyes seemed less deep. Musthave !

From 15th of June onwards at your local pharmacist or beautycian. Price 71,90 euros.

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