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Finding a solution for your acne or eczema? Or have that one mole checked? As many as one in three Belgians are open to doing so via teleconsultation, according to a survey by online dermatology platform Skindr and research firm Profacts. And if you ask millennials, there’s definitely a future in it. Because, as many as half of them say they are open to teledermatology. Not illogical, when you know that traditional dermatologists struggle with long waiting times.

These days, fresh and glowing skin is high on the beauty agenda for many of us. We owe this mainly to social media and their many filters. No wonder, then, that more and more people are seeking the help of a dermatologist. And that is precisely where the shoe pinches. Because with one dermatologist per 14,000 inhabitants, the diaries of our Belgian dermatologists are heavily overbooked. Not surprisingly, more and more people are turning to digital solutions. A survey by online dermatology platform Skindr, for instance, shows that one in three Belgians is open to a digital consultation. Platforms like Skindr score particularly well among millennials, with the percentage running as high as 50%.

Teledermatology is about 90 times faster than the waiting time at the traditional dermatologist (+/- 6 months) with a maximum waiting time of 48 hours

This popularity can be explained in several ways. The main reason? Time savings. Whereas with a traditional physical consultation you have to wait around four to eight months before seeing a doctor, with the online dermatology platform Skindr you are helped on average within 48 hours. That’s a whopping 90 times faster than at a traditional dermatologist’s office. What’s more, you get a treatment plan and prescription right away. A flexible approach that particularly appeals to Gen Z and millennials. Some 49% of 25- to 34-year-olds and 50% of 35- to 44-year-olds say they are open to teledermatology because it takes less time and is more compatible with their busy lifestyles. Something perceived as a win-win by a large proportion of millennials (53%) and Gen Z (40.68%). In addition, the barrier to going to the doctor with sensitive conditions, such as STIs, remains high. Therefore, an online dermatology platform like Skindr lowers the threshold (Gen Z: 27.81%, millennials: 29.1%) and allows people to consult a doctor without any rosy cheeks.

Skindr founders Dr Annelies Avermaete (right) and Jochen Boeykens (left)

Need for efficiency and flexibility
The founders of Skindr, Jochen Boeykens and Dr Annelies Avermaete, respond to this need for efficiency and flexibility with their online dermatology platform. So they came up with a digital tool that puts the patient first and relieves the dermatologists. And in record time. Yet short waiting times do not mean that Skindr sacrifices quality. On the contrary, short waiting times are just part of their quality service. Moreover, at the online dermatology platform, you always speak to a doctor via a chat function. And some 47% of Belgians respond very positively to this in the study.

Survey shows 1 in 3 Belgians open to digital consultations with a dermatologist. Time savings & flexibility are the main motivations among 25-44 year olds. More than half of them are open to teledermatology

Complement to classic dermatologist
Yet co-founder dermatologist Annelies Avermaete stresses that Skindr does not exist to replace dermatologists, but rather as a complement. Similarly, the online dermatology platform does not focus on life-threatening skin conditions, but rather on acne, for example. Thus, the most common skin conditions on the online dermatology platform are acne and Rosacea (31%), eczema (22%) and hair and sweat problems. Skindr therefore spends a lot of time developing treatment plans that offer the best possible solutions for specific skin conditions.

One thing is certain: with the corona crisis and digital acceleration, minds have matured both among patients and on the doctor’s side. It is a trend that will continue to evolve and become more evident in our society in the coming years. Thus, Skindr hopes to continue offering the best dermatology experience where people can get quick and long-term help and follow up their entire treatment online.

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