Mère & Fille: unique jewellery made to measure

Made to measure jewellery doesn’t necessary have to be very expensive. That is what Ghislaine Holvoet and her daughter Laurence Marie Van Cauwenberghe show with their concept Mère & Fille. The creative duo loves to create from scratch listening to your wishes but also loves bringing your old (fashioned) jewellery back to life by creating new frames that are up to date. That’s the difference they make with a “made to order” ring purchased from the trade.

In 2010, Ghislaine returned from India with a fake sapphire bought as real. It was a real shock when she found out and despite trying hard contacting offcial authorities unfortunately nothing could be done afterwards. Vowing she would not be cheated again, she enrolled in gemology courses at the Belgian Society of Gemology, and two years later achieved a European Diploma in Gemology. She is also a graduate of HRD Antwerp (the high council for diamonds).

Laurence Marie Van Cauwenberghe, Co-founder Mère et Fille.

During this same time, her daughter Laurence Marie drew jewellery in the margins of her notebooks and fell asleep at night imagining new jewellery. Fresh out of school, she earned her design degrees in jewellery, gemology and diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). In 2014 they together created ‘Mère & Fille’.

Ghislaine Holvoet and her daughter Laurence Marie Van Cauwenberghe.
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Today, Ghislaine and Laurence Marie work together in perfect synergy and welcome you, by appointment. Ghislaine is in charge of finding and analysing the stones. Laurence Marie designs rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets or any other jewellery for every budget. Their passion and knowledge of stones allows them to make you discover and highlight the beauty and brilliance of many stones, whether classic or less known.

Made to measure
“Creativity is in our genes”, says Laurence Marie. “We love to create from a blank page listening to your wishes but we also love bringing your old (fashioned) jewellery back to life by creating new frames that are up to date. Only with your stones or by adding new ones, if necessary. We love the challenge of innovation and renovation. From a watch to a necklace or a brooch to a bracelet, we give a second life to your stones. Break down those old pieces, reclaim the stones and the metal and create something new and beautiful that you will want to wear again and again and again.

Moments of a lifetime
“For exceptional events we make exceptional jewellery”, says Laurence Marie. “Weddings, births, birthdays,… or just the pleasure of (giving) pleasure itself. Mère & Fille are at your disposal to translate your ideas, your desires. And help you to keep the memory of each event for ever. To create the perfect engagement or wedding ring, we offer a series of appointments during which we will discover THE stone and THE unique design. For jewellery that will forever mark their lifelong commitment. That’s the difference we make with a “made to order” ring purchased from the trade.

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