ME by MarosEtti, the new it-bag?

Launching new concepts is something Els Demeersman has done all her live. Even during her long career as a teacher in an international school in Italy she wanted to adapt the scholar system more to the personal needs of the pupils. However like in our country wel established scholar systems aren’t easy to change. Els got so sad seeing that the system is not evolving positvely and decided to leave her job as a teacher. A few months ago she created her own brand MarosEtti by Els Demeersman a beautiful brand of very chic high end handbags

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A classy styled woman is strolling through the Media Mania showroom in Antwerp. We don’t know her but from the way she is dressed in a short black puffy dress at 11 o’clock in the morning we deduct that she must be into fashion.

Els Demeersman founder of MarosEtti proudly showing the ME bag with detachable and personalizable skirt. Handbag 1.250 euro, skirt 450 euro.

“Having worked in Northern Italy for several years as a teacher in an international school, my passion for Italian high-end products and craftmanship inspired me to start designing my own luxury handbag line, MarosEtti”, Els tells. “In Italy I felt at home. It’s here that I learned that architecture and design, form and function are vital in the designing process. Understanding this enabled me to design classic and timeless handbags. But there is more to it than meets the eye. We use several innovative techniques and leather of the highest quality – indeed from the same suppliers the high fashion brands are working with – to design sophisticated and timeless pieces. Moreover, as I believe in living beautifully and appreciating humanity and the world around us, all my exclusive bags are made from Italian organic leather.”

Els Demeersman: “I love to feel things deep in my soul. I am only able to create, when I have found peace inside myself. That’s why I chose the name ME. Only then can my thoughts and ideas flow freely. Discreet luxury, that’s what I love”.


650 euro for the animal print or furry bags.

The MarosEtti bags are targeted at the independent woman with a love of fashion and sustainable products. They have a classic look with a touch of romantic details. Metal accessories are designed by Els herself and produced by high-end businesses. In the hands of highly skilled leather artisans, the bags become genuine works of art. Passion also marks the inside of each bag – a trademark fuchsia-coloured leather of the highest quality.

The MarosEtti handbag is a classic, but with a fun vibe and contrasting colours; ideal for taking to work during the day or to a party in the evening. The add-on accessory (or skirt) is available separately and can be personalized with pearls, Swarovski crystals, feathers, embroidery, whatever you think of. The savoir-faire, uncompromising craftsmanship and the outstanding quality of the creations, gives Marosetti the potential to grow as the new IT bag.

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