Walk up any hill in style with Merrell’s hiking sneakers

Typical hiking shoes can be chunky and, quite frankly, very ugly. That’s why American company Merrell wanted to create shoes for women that look like sneakers but perform like hiking shoes. The best of both worlds! With the Bravada 2 hiker shoes, no mountain top is out of reach this summer for you ladies!

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Are you planning an adventurous vacation and still looking for a pair of hiking shoes that isn’t ugly? And do you also want to think about the planet and go for eco-friendly shoes? And would you prefer them to be waterproof because: what if it rains? It may seem like a lot of demands, but you can have all of that with the Bravada 2 hiker shoes from Merrell. Of course the American brand also makes hiking and running shoes for men but these one are especially for you, ladies !

Ready, set, traction
Sneakers look great, but they are usually not made for long walks in nature. These shoes, however, have amazing traction, so you can walk up any mountain confidently. The soles consist of adhesive rubber: material that ensures a maximum grip on the ground. In short: you won’t easily slip away!

Merrell didn’t forget about the planet while designing the shoes. The lace, webbing, lining and the foot bed cover of the shoes are 100% recycled.

The shoes were specially designed to fit your feet perfectly without squeezing them in any place.

Maximum support
The Bravada 2 hiker shoes provide maximum support for your feet and the rest of your body. You can take out the soles of the shoes, so they are a great option for people that need arch support. The air cushions in the heel serve as shock absorbers, to avoid any damage to your joints. And the shoes were specially designed to fit your feet perfectly without squeezing them in any place. Happy feet, happy life.

Two colors
The shoes come in two fun colors: burgundy and navy. The burgundy shoes have a dark and rich color, pink accents and black laces. The navy shoes are a lighter version with gray accents. Both of them have a modern and sporty look. A waterproof version is also available.

Advised price:
110 euros
120 euros for the waterproof version

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