LolaLiza Atelier: European premiere in fashion world

Women are all different so it seems almost a miracle that they can find their taste in ready-made clothing. As this doesn’t happen without a struggle Belgian fashion brand Lolaliza launches, an online tool that helps you create your personalized dress in four simple steps. Three weeks later the dress gets delivered at your doorstep straight from Italy. An exclusive debut in the European fashion sector!

Text Anja Van Der Borght – Pictures WOWwatchers and LolaLiza

I love this blue dress but I would have preferred it somewhat shorter just like that pink dress a little further in the store.” “Great dress but it would suit me better without the cap sleeves.” “Lovely dress but I would have preferred it in a different print, … Our shop assistants hear these kind of comments constantly”, Joachim Rubin, ceo of Lolaliza,tells. “About a year ago I had the idea of an online tool to help you personalize your dress in four simple steps by offering you a choice between –model, size, fabric and print and/or accessory. Once you have made your decision you can order the dress in one click.”

Choose the model you want. ©WOWwatchers

Choose the fabric you prefer. ©WOWwatchers

Choose your size. ©WOWwatchers
Ad an accessory if you like to. ©WOWwatchersYour dress is ready to be made. ©Lolaliza

One day I organized a meeting with my team and told them about the idea of the online tool I had a few months before. They thought my idea was a great challenge and our internal designers and IT-people told me they could realize the concept quite quickly. Today, we are five months later, and the project is ready. First of all we are going to see how the project is received by the customer. Then we will let the project evolve and we will improve it. It’s our aim to to get everyone to see Lolaliza as a modern, innovative company and thus gain more notoriety. It would be top if we could satisfy our customers with this concept and better meet their requirements.”


Customers are increasingly looking for authenticity and personalized items with which they can show their identity. But in retail, unfortunately the confection process in general is not geared to production per item. Lolaliza wants to stand out from the others by integrating technology and personalization. The brand can thus respond to trends and consumer demand. Moreover, thanks to LolaLiza Atelier they can let their creativity run free, without being a designer. The Belgian LolaLiza designers created fabrics in rich materials and with lush prints for the launch. The perfect source of inspiration for every woman.


Why dresses? One of the core values of Lolaliza is the empowerment of women. For Lolaliza, the dress embodies strength and femininity; it is the heart of the brand. So no better item to introduce this online tool with.


Another good thing is that you don’t have to worry about the sales price as the purchase price of the customized dresses varies from 59 to 79 euros. Delivery at home or in a Lolalizastore (in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg) is free. In six Belgian stores (Lier, Eeklo, Aalst, Auvelais, Lommel and Tielt-Winge) you also have the opportunity to discover and feel the fabrics and accessories.

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