Multifunctional Mattioli

Today, many jewelry brands focus on multifunctionality, but it was Italian brand Mattioli that was a pioneer in this matter. Many modern women love the brand for that as it makes life easier.

Licia Mattioli, ceo at Mattioli.

“Our jewelery is not only beautiful and durable, but above all multifunctional,” says Licia Mattioli. “Let’s have a look at our Puzzle necklace. You can wear it long or short by twisting it several times around your neck or with a part of the chain as a pendant in the front or at the back. You can also wear it as a belt or as a wide chain bracelet around the wrist.”

“This is the same with our earrings”, Licia says. “A set consists of pendants in different colors and/ or materials that you can attach to the ear clip to vary.

Ideal for people who often travel and want to create maximum styles with a minimum of items. In addition to the versatility, the flexibility of our jewelry is one of the important core values. I love working with materials with a soft aspect, like milky stones such as ‘milk’ aquamarine, chalcedony and prasiolite, but also ebony and mother-of-pearl. “We were also the first brand to introduce mother of pearl in modern jewelery. Our designs are often true trendsetters.”

The entire process – from the melting of the gold to the setting of the gemstones – is done in-house. At its heart, Mattioli is all about historical heritage and traditions but the brand combines its traditionally finished jewelery with modernity by using state-of-the-art technology and materials.”


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