Leonor Greyl Luxury Travel Kits make you feel like Madonna

Leonor Greyl doesn’t immediately ring a bell? It’s not a shame. We only discovered the cult French hair-care brand like three years ago and have been trying all sorts of products since then. Today we have become such big fans to that extend that we rank Leonor Greyl in our top three of best hair care products of all times.

Beloved by Hollywood stars and their hairstylists, with a loyal following of the likes of Emma Stone and Madonna, the Leonor Greyl products deliver a no nonsense approach to haircare with a focus on hair health first. The luxurious products prioritize natural, botanical ingredients and are SLS, silicone, paraben, coal tar and cruelty free and color safe. We particularly like the textures, the scents and the way how the products make our hair feel soft again. Real soft. So soft that we catch ourselves running our fingers through are hair constantly.

As Leonor Greyl really thinks of everything it launched just before the holidays the perfect travel companion. After the previously launched Luxury Travel Kits For Dry, Very Dry, Thick and Coloured Hair the brand launches today the Leonor Greyl Quintessence Luxury Travel Kit for hair that needs intense nourishment. The travel kit contains three products especially designed for very dry hair: Huile de Leonor Greyl (25 ml), Shampooing Reviviscence (50 ml) and Masque Quintessence (50 ml).

“The best thing about the new luxury travel kit is that it is the only one containing Leonor Greyl’s luxury Quintessence Mask, what we call the holy grail amongst hair masks.”

Huile de Leonor Greyl formulated with natural oils (Mongongo, Coprah) nourishes, detangles, softens and repairs dry or colored hair throughout the year. In the summer, it protects hair from the damaging effects of sun, sea water and chlorine. But bear in mind that Leonor Greyl products – as does this oil – smell strong and heady but also very appealing. Huile de Leonor Greyl on your hair smells as if you have been sleeping in a flower field full of peonies and jasmines. We love it and our boyfriend too!

Shampooing Reviviscence uses only the finest natural ingredients to revive even the most dehydrated and brittle hair. Amaranth extracts rich in sugars and vitamins B & C moisturize and condition, while Sea Lavender, rich in amino acids, hydrates and helps to prevent static electricity. Thanks to the combination of these two ingredients, this mild cleaning shampoo repairs the hair’s lipid barrier, thus helping to restore the hair surface’s integrity giving it new vitality. Hair dehydration caused by the damaging effects of straightening, coloring and highlighting instantly turns into healthy new shine and manageability.

The best thing about this new luxury travel kit is that it is the only one containing Leonor Greyl’s luxury Quintessence Mask, what we call the holy grail amongst masks. This exceptional mask based on Cupuaçu Oil and Manketti oil offers an amazing action: it has an incredible hydrating power and it retains water that is absorbed very slowly and provides a time-release effect that moisturizes the hair fibers. It counteracts the trauma that sophisticated processes such as bleaching, highlighting, straightening, perming, … can cause to the hair, as well as natural damage induced by passing time. An incredibly compensating formula, Masque Quintessence is the ‘last resort’ for very damaged, weakened or dehydrated hair. Its nourishing nectar revitalizes regenerates and repairs the most damaged hair. This mask instantly offers hair new shine, softness and manageability.

Recommended retail price for the travel kit that slips easily into your suitcase, passes the security control at the airport without any problems and follows you wherever you go RRP: 42 euros.

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