Laser4You: the best investment ever in terms of hair removal

With the year-end it is again time to look back at the best moments and decisions of the year. We look back at a decision we made six years ago that we still consider one of the best investments ever in terms of beauty: LightSheer laser hair removal by Laser4You.

Text Anja Van Der Borght

Body hair – with the exception of that on our scalp – we’d rather get rid of than get rich. We too spent a lot of money on epilation. In our teenage years, we experimented with a shaver and an epilator before finally resorting to Venus razors. Quick and easy but never really comfortable because after about three days you already feel the stubble coming back. Occasional depilation with wax or less painful sugar resin offered more comfort but these treatments are not really pleasant. Certainly not in the area of the bikini line. And they are ot always handy either because you have to book an appointment (often a long time in advance) and go to the place of appointment.

As a result, every year we were confronted several times with moments when we unexpectedly had to go bare-legged. Unexpectedly at the doctor, testing a massage for my job or just taking my tights off during a photo shoot. I remember a time when we were on a travel shoot in Valetta, the capital of Malta, and although my legs had been waxed at a beauty institute a few days before, the first stubble started to appear. Lacking options, we then had (an overpriced) waxing performed at the hotel. It was the proverbial last straw!

Lumenis LightSheer diodelaser, the most reliable and safest laser in the world.

Once back in Belgium, I decided to discover the potential of the LightSheerTM diode laser (the most reliable and safest laser in the world) at Laser4You to efficiently and permanently remove unwanted hairs comfortably and quickly. It’s a bit of a gulp at first at the sight of the predetermined budget but if you do the maths, you realise that you will benefit financially after just a few years and, above all, the comfort that comes with being permanent depilated is unparalleled.

How it works?
The LightSheer produces a powerful, highly concentrated and pure laser beam that makes its way to the hair root via the colour pigment in the hair fibre. The energy is converted into heat, destroying the hair root. The darker your hair the more effective the treatment is. A few days later, the hair follicle is ejected from the skin. To protect the skin, the LightSheer has a cooled tip of 5°C, which neutralises the heat of the welding beam. This makes the LightSheer suitable for even the most sensitive skin. However, the sensitive bikini area or the tip of a man’s nose will feel the light beam significantly brighter.

How long does it take?
With the LightSheer diode laser, you can also be treated during the summer months provided you protect your skin with a high SPF 50 protection at all times and you are not a sunbather either. Count five minutes for armpits treatment, 10 to 15 minutes for bikini and 30 to 60 minutes for full back or leg treatment. After a year of lasering during which we had gone through the entire hair growth phase, one maintenance session a year was sufficient.

Our conclusion?
We regret not having started laser hair removal until after the age of 40. After all, the earlier you get laser hair removal the more financial benefit you get out of it. We can recommend it to any young man or woman. It is also best not to wait too long with laser hair removal because once there is no more pigment in your hair (grey or white hairs), they cannot be lasered away. Not even with other lasers, contrary to what the manufacturers sometimes claim.

More info: Laser4You, Kirsten Hulsmans, Beverzakbroekweg 35, 3520 Zonhoven, tel. 0499-74.83.20,,

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