Keep your skin glowing with Valmonts Luminosity

Valmont presents its newest product line: Luminosity, especially made for millennials (30-40 years old) that is people with busy lives that don’t have time for a 10-step skincare routine. With only four products, you keep your skin glowing all day long!

Text Mirte Spaey & Anja Van Der Borght

Life can get very busy in your 30s and 40s. There are probably children to take care of, construction works going on, meetings to follow, groceries to do,… Sometimes you don’t even have time to look in the mirror, let alone take care of your skin. French beauty brand Valmont resolved that problem for you and created a minimalist skincare routine you can practice at night, so you don’t have to worry about your skin during the day.

Four products is not that much, yet it is all your skin really needs to stay fresh.

Four amazing products
The line consists of four products. LumiPeel is an exfoliating fluid that you can use to remove dead skin cells, because who needs those? The peeling lotion based on enzymes, so no granules, is very gentle and therefore great also for the most sensitive skin. The lotion contains papaya and pear fruit enzymes to refine your skin texture while the Swiss Phyto-Complex and white mulberry root remedy imperfections in the complexion.

Baby skin effect
The second product LumiMask is a face mask that will make your face feel softer than ever. This all-in-one face peel and mask, rich and velvety in texture, loosens and sloughs away dead skin cells on the surface and promotes cell renewal on a deeper level. From the very first application, LumiMask wakes up your skin to reveal a soft, smooth complexion that glows with radiance in just 10 minutes time. Use weekly for a guaranteed ‘baby skin’ effect! Ideal for uneven complexions, combination or oily skin. Important! Not recommended for sensitive or irritation prone skin.

The third product, LumiSence, is a serum water that refines your pores immediately. The ultra-fine serum water reduces pore visibility and stimulates natural glow mechanisms for enhanced radiance and a poreless-looking skin.

LumiCream, finally, is the cherry on top of the cake that will make your already glowing skin look even more flawless. This complexion enhancement treatment features soft focus technology to reduce contrast and diffuse light for immediate improvement to skin texture appearance, giving your complexion a gentle mother-of-pearl sheen. On a deeper level, active ingredients energize cellular activity for beauty that comes of a natural glow. Suitable for all skin types, particularly recommended for uneven complexions, combination or oily skin. This day cream ensures a more even complexion and is so light that you might even forget it’s there!

Minimal routine, maximal glow
Swiss Sophie Vann Guillon – CEO of Valmont – developed the skincare line with a minimalist view in mind. She wanted to create an achievable skincare routine for busy people, with a minimum of products to get that dewy skin. Four products is not that much, yet it is all your skin really needs to stay fresh. Not only to look amazing, but to feel amazing as well.
All you have to do after a long and busy day, is get home and enjoy your simple 3-step skincare ritual (the cream is for the morning): the exfoliator, face mask and serum. It doesn’t take long, but it does the trick. The next day, you add the LumiCream on top and you’re ready to glow all day long.

All products come in a light pink casing and have a luxurious touch. They smell great too, to give you that full sensory experience.

Advised prices:
LumiPeel: 120 euros/150 ml
LumiMask: 166 euros/50 ml
LumiSence: 198 euros/30 ml
LumiCream: 198 euros/50 ml

Available in perfumeries, especially at ICI Paris XL and online;

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