Narciso Rodriguez for her PURE MUSC absolue will drive him crazy !

Because the countdown to Christmas and New Year is gradually starting, we will highlight in the coming weeks which perfumes are real must-haves if you want to drive your partner’s or that specific person’s head crazy ! The new Narciso Rodriguez for her PURE MUSC absolue is such a scent !

Some scents have something special about them. A particular ingredient that makes people of the opposite sex turn their heads. Musc is such an animal like – but today synthetically created – ingredient which Spanish designer Narciso Rodriguez turned into his star ingrediënt of his ‘for her’ range.

“Musc has the ability to blend into a woman’s skin to magnify”, Sonia Constant, perfumer.

The new ‘for her Pure Musc eau de parfum absolue’ reflects the tantalizing sensations of ‘for her Pure Musc’ but in a slightly different way. ‘Eau de parfum absolue’ lends a profoundly exotic and sensual floral aura to its heart of musc that becomes a statement about pure sensuality and beauty. “The trail of this fragrance had to be as strong as a white flower’s”, says perfumer Sonia Constant, “I imagined a flower that smells of musc; then I imagined this flower as the skin of a woman in top condition – milky, warm, sensual, pure – but with an amazing presence, an inner beauty, her own bloom, a glowing aura… an intimacy that expresses itself on the outside.”

The enveloping olfactory depth of the rare musc is enriched with a synthesis of luminous floral notes that are amplified, including new exotic ylang ylang notes and increased jasmine while a hint of soft creamy cedarwood adds unexpected mystery. Like a chameleon, musc has the ability to blend into a woman’s skin to magnify and reveal her inner beauty. “I was inspired by Narciso Rodriguez’s design aesthetic; his fashion collections always have a pure line and focus on magnifying the essence of a woman’s beauty without transforming her into someone else.” Sonia Constant, perfumer.

For her Pure Musc eau de parfum absolue 100 ml: 139 €

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