Skin Illusion : the only serum foundation that reduces excess sebum

Skin Illusion Velvet, Ever Matte Compact Powder and Ever Matte Loose Powder are Clarins’ three new and unique make-up products that help even your complexion, leave your skin matte and set make-up results, all while taking care of your skin. Eyecatcher in the range is the Velvet version of Skin Illusion, the only serum foundation that reduces excess sebum.

To develop such a unique collection, Clarins went above and beyond and succeeded in overcoming a feat in terms of formulation: promote a perfectly matte complexion with textures that feel invisible on the skin-as smooth as they are lightweight…

This new matte skin make-up collection is highly sensorial and was developed with the same strict requirements as a skincare product to go beyond make-up results. 

Step 1 : Even your skintone with Skin Illusion Velvet 

Clarins iconic serum-infused foundation, Skin Illusion (the only serum foundation that reduces excess sebum) is now available in a new matte naturel looking finish: Skin Illusion Velvet. Just a few drops are all that’s needed to even and enhance your complexion instantly. It reduces skin shine and blurs imperfections immediately.

It provides two matifying actions:

1 The first is instant, thanks to the new matte optimizing complex, three fabulous powders that knock out skin shine. An extract from manioc root helps absorb excess sebum, bamboo powder is known for its skin-matifying action and silica helps promote a smooth, matte feel and blurs imperfections.

2 The second action is long-lasting, thanks to organic strawberry tree fruit extract, which helps reduce skin shine: bare skin looks more beautiful day after day.

Excess sebum is reduced by 21% after 14 days of use

Clarins didn’t stop there. The formula is a real beneficial botanical cocktail for the skin. It is enriched with organic leaf of life extract that offers hydrating properties. A vegetal micropatch helps protect skin from becoming dehydrated. Skin is also protected from the harmful effects of pollution and impacts on the skin from blue light thanks to Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex that includes extracts of furcellaria, nipplewort and organic white horehound.

As far as the texture is concerned, it’s the perfect fusion! Extra fluid, Skin Illusion Velvet blends immediately onto the skin and lets skin ‘breathe’. Lightweight, smooth and comfortable, it leaves behind an invisible matte veil that evens skin tone without any build up: this bare skin feel leaves skin velvety smooth.

The bottle is reminiscent of the codes of Skin Illusion but now has a pump dispenser to make application easy. Available in 28 matte-finish shades.

Now that you have a more even skin tone with Skin Illusion Velvet, it is time to choose either Ever Matte Compact Powder (available in six different shades) that meet the needs of all skin tonesto even skin more and leave it matte or Ever Matte Loose Powder to set make-up with translucent results. 

Both of these powders are ultra-light yet are heavyweights when it comes to skin care benefits! For the first time, a compact powder and a loose powder are infused with peach tree milk to wrap skin in absolute comfort, day after day. With these powders, say goodbye to dry skin and small imperfections after application.

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