Elaisa Energetic Wellness (BE): most beautiful wellness in Europe

Elaisa Energetic Wellness on the former mine slag heap in the Hoge Kempen National Park in Limburg is unique in its kind and boasts numerous superlatives. Apart from the longest sauna heater in Europe, the first 100% chlorine-free swimming pools in the Benelux and the Mexican Temazcal with fire ceremony and spiritual cleansing according to the Mayan tradition, you can go here for tasting sessions with live music that will give you goosebumps, for salt therapies, chakra-balancing saunas, … or enjoy the mineral bath with underwater… whale sounds.

Text Anja Van Der Borght

When we arrive at the car park of Elaisa Energetic Wellness, there is no trace of a wellness centre. Or there is. A sign says that every ten minutes, a shuttle will bring people to the wellness complex. A few minutes later, we are driven up the slope and a majestic white structure looms before us: a combination of an Aztec temple and the Egyptian temple of Hatshepsut. What a huge building. We are already impressed!

Peace and quiet
A few minutes later, we experience a lot of hustle and bustle at the reception desk of the wellness centre and a feeling of unease creeps up on us. It quickly turns into surprise when we walk around in the 7,500 square metre wellness centre and experience all the space we need to enjoy ourselves undisturbed. The hustle and bustle at the reception desk is gone, and there is clearly enough room for everyone. “We only admit a limited number of guests per day, so that everyone can experience our wellness in peace and quiet,” says inspirator Jean Luc Kumpen (63). “It is our intention to let people find their inner peace again. The fact that our complex offers so much space, even in Covid times, brought many customers to us with a peaceful feeling.”

Outside swimming pool.

From geometry to numerology
“From the age of 18 to 22, I was a shepherd of about a hundred sheep,” says Jean Luc, “but of course you can’t make a living out of that. As if by chance, I ended up in the clothing sector. With my wife Patricia, I founded Fashion Point, a clothing shop with designer brands. Nineteen years ago, this land on the former mine slag heap caught my eye and my idea began to mature. The plans took shape and step by step we obtained the necessary permits. For six years, we built non-stop with a team of seven people; the last five months with a team of forty. All my life, I have been fascinated by geometry from times gone by. The architectural proportions of Elaisa wellness correspond to the proportions of our bodies, so that both resonate with each other and a feeling of inner peace is created. The entire wellness centre is built symmetrically; according to the golden section and geometric and platonic shapes such as the dodecahedron. Everything has been thought through down to the smallest detail and each element is positioned exactly in a specific place, down to the last centimetre, and for a specific reason. Other elements come from cultures and religions all over the world that I came into contact with during my many travels. My wife Patricia and I have put together a large collection of multicultural sculptures to send out the silent message that all religions are equal and all is one. All people should feel at home in our wellness complex, and because we think it is important that everyone can come and recharge their batteries, we have made the daily entrance fee very accessible, at 49.50 Euros. By the way, Elaisa is an acronym that stands for ‘Egypt’, ‘Lemuria’, ‘Atlantis’, ‘Inner’ ‘Source’ ‘Activation’. The latter because we need to activate well-being within ourselves. People today are too distracted when they should learn to feel again.”

Sauna with a view.

Everyone has their own way of wellness
“Every person is unique and has his own way of relaxing,” Jean Luc explains, “which is why at Elaisa Energetic Wellness we have a diverse offer that goes beyond traditional wellness. Guests can come to us for relaxation in three ways. Most come just to enjoy and eat like in any other wellness. Then there are the guests who opt for deeper therapies or consciousness growth through workshops or energetic treatments; and then, of course, there is the possibility of combining the three.”

The gigantic wellness complex is unique in its kind and boasts numerous superlatives. Besides the longest sauna heater in Europe, the first 100% chlorine-free swimming pools in the Benelux and the Mexican Temazcal with fire ceremony and spiritual cleansing according to the Mayan tradition, you can also go here for immersion sessions with live music that will give you goosebumps. Furthermore, you can come here for holistic treatments, rituals and ceremonies, chakra-balancing saunas, … or enjoy the mineral bath with underwater whale sounds. As if that were not enough, the treatments are also the ultimate. We were able to experience this at first hand. From the Ottoman hammam with scrub and black soap in a huge room, over the Queen of Egypt facial and body treatment to the Ayurvedic oil massage, … the experiences were heavenly.

Lomi Lomi massage.

Clay session in group
After the Ottoman hammam with scrub and black soap, we have an appointment for the clay session in the hammam. About twenty participants are waiting on the hammam benches. First, we are given a pot of salt scrub to rub into our bodies and faces (and those of our partners). Then the showers are turned on and we can rinse ourselves off. Now that the dead skin cells have been removed, we are given a pot of green soap and the scenario repeats itself. Twenty minutes later, the session ends with a pot of clay that we can also apply to our hair (unless you have just had a hair colouring, of course). The result is an ultra-soft skin that feels very clean.

Half moon bath.

Salt from the Himalayas
Because we suffer from asthma, we decide to try out the impressive salt cave with salt from the Himalayas. This salt releases its mineral salts and oligoelements to strengthen the immune system and also to improve breathing. A delightful 50-minute session, during which you can lie in a recliner and watch a nature film.

Slack-jawed laughter
Jean-Luc insists that we try the singing bowl ceremony and, frankly, it is something everyone must have done once. In a limited group of just 16 people, we enjoy all kinds of sounds that the sound master produces on the most exotic instruments, from the recorder to the hand pan. He even wields twigs. Especially the part with the recorder is so amusing that we almost burst out laughing and have to squeeze our hands hard to suppress it, as to not disturb the other wellness guests. But then we notice that we are not the only ones. We felt warmth from the depths of our bodies and have not felt such relaxation in a long time.

Elaisa features different restaurants.

Not only did we return home relaxed and full of wonder, but our skin was so well nourished and glowing in the days that followed that we are already looking forward to the day that we can return. The new firewalking ceremony where you walk barefoot over hot coals is something we would also like to try. This and so much more.

Elaisa Energetic Wellness, Nationaal Parklaan 7, 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem, tel. 0032(0)89 39 09 96,,
Hotel tip: La Butte aux Bois ,

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