August 17th Whisky: called ‘a minor miracle’ by connoisseurs

August 17th Whisky made by Wave Distil, a family distillery in the Belgian Dinant area is already described by connoisseurs as a minor miracle, despite an alcohol content of 62%.

Wave Distil is a family distillery in the Belgian Dinant area. They produce a wide range of premium quality alcoholic beverages, made with typically Belgian craftsmanship. It all began in 2010 in Gembloux, in the Namur region, with Cosmik Apéritif, a 100% natural natural fruity vodka. When the factory became too small and no longer met the company requirements, in 2019 the company bought an old farmhouse in the Dinant region to expand its activities.

Today the offer is very extensive, as the company offers gin, vodka, an aperitif and whisky under the name of Gemblue Gin, Cosmik Vodka, Cosmik Apéritif, Skot’Tiche whisky and August 17th whisky. Each drink is available in different versions, bringing the total to more than 22 different products. There is something for every taste, even for the greatest of connoisseurs. The best proof: the products have won no less than 13 medals in international competitions!

All alcoholic beverages at Wave Distil are created by cellar master and distiller Thierry Van Renterghem, with respect for tradition and using noble ingredients. Each product is carefully crafted until the perfect balance is found and the taste comes out best. All products are of an incomparable smoothness and premium quality.

The best proof: the products have won no less than 13 medals in international competitions!

The distillery has two stills (one of the gooseneck type and one Pot Still from the Charentes). Both are made of copper, in homage to the city of Dinant known for its Dinanderie (copper objects). There are two cellars with hundreds of barrels of exceptional quality from various countries and a maturing cellar. Bottling and labelling is done on site. Wave Distil is one of the few distilleries in Belgium that produces finishes. They are available in gin, vodka, rum and whisky. For example, the whisky August 17th in the Rare Cask edition is available in 10 limited-edition finishes, exceptional products that are highly sought-after by enthusiasts.

Just now for the festivities and as the ultimate Valentine present the company is releasing the Titus edition of the August 17th whisky that has been ageing for 10 years in very old casks containing Port and Cognac. It presents an atypical and smoky taste. The very accomplished single cask is smooth and harmonious to the taste.

Connoisseurs already describe it as a small miracle, despite the alcohol content of 62%.

The Rare Cask range of the August 17th has also been expanded with the new W.10, a single malt with Sauternes finish.
August 17th is now available in the Wave Distil e-shop and at your favourite wine shop for €89.99

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