Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods : tropical Australia in a golden bottle

French-Belgian perfumer and founder of Goldfield & Banks, Dimitri Weber, got inspired by one of his travels through Australia to create ‘Silky Woods’, an oriental and luxurious (wow, that golden bottle !!!) creation for which he imagined a more subtle, luxurious and modern interpretation of agarwood. One that is secretly harvested with the highest scientific standards and in the most sustainable environment in tropical Australia and that is delightful to wear on any occasion.

Though we are – contrary to many women – not a fan of vanilla fragrances, this one we can’t stop using.

Anja Van Der Borght

While visiting the tropics and its agarwood plantations, Dimitri Weber was mesmerised by the complexity of the techniques in planting the trees and by the methods applied to the harvest and extraction of the precious and unique agarwood oil that offers a sensation of a distinctive woody fragrance on a silky smooth skin. Weber combined it with suede, exotic vanilla and smoky tobacco leaves. In the base you will find saffron, incense, ylang-ylang and australian sandalwood.

A sensual warm and fascinating kind of wood – a bit animallike – that combines in a divine way with vanilla. That is exactly what we smell when applying the unisex perfume Silky Woods . Though we usually are (contrary to many women) not a fan of vanilla fragrances, this one we can’t stop using. One of those scents I will treasure in my bathroom and I will regret when being empty but the bottle is a keeper too!

Silky Woods is the first fragrance of the Botanical Series. Southern Bloom, Wood Infusion, Pacific Rock Moss, Desert Rosewood, Bohemian Lime are some of the other Goldfield & Banks fragrances. The Goldfield & Banks perfumes are a homage to the richness of Australia, and Joseph Banks, the first Australian naturalist. They are suited for both men and women. Each perfume is made with rare elements from the Australian bush, such as Australian Sandalwood, Boronia, Australian rock moss, blue cypresses, and so much more. Furthermore, Goldfield & Banks is the first Australian luxurious perfume brand which matches up to the quality of French perfumery. All the Goldfield and Banks have a concentration of +20 % essences and are tested under extreme humid weather conditions.

Perfume Concentrate Spray 100 ml – 190 euros.

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