Belgian perfume house Miglot x hiphop band blackwave. create perfume

Blackwave.‘s new song ‘Perfume’ was born during a morning walk through LA. Plagued by insomnia and dejection, producer-singer Willem Ardui smelled the perfumes of passers-by. The LA vibe, the beautiful weather, the smells and his melancholic mood inspired the song ‘Perfume’. Through an accidental meeting with the band’s manager, the song ended up with Miglot perfumer Kristof Lefebre, asking if he could translate the music into a perfume.

It seems like two worlds that are far apart, but actually music and perfume have a lot in common. “Perfumers and musicians use a different way of communicating, but speak the same language”, says Miglot perfumer Kristof Lefebre. “A lot of music terms we also find in the perfume world: we bring ‘notes’ together and create chords to place feelings and share them with others. But the communication with the guys from blackwave. was very efficient because they were able to put their feelings into words so well. Maybe it’s because the song, and by extension the record, is so honest and authentic.” The songs of blackwave. often sound super upbeat but they always bring an honest, personal story. after all, the track ‘no sleep in LA’ is about a period where things were a mess for them for a while.

Miglot x blackwave, the ultimate collaboration
Kristof was able to count on the band’s input for the creation of the fragrance: “It was a real collaboration. Both Willem and Jean were very involved. Through different scenting sessions, they gave us the direction until we had a scent that reflected their mindset at the time.” Jean Atohoun and Willem Ardui came up with the scenario for the clip, where the perfume was given a starring role, as a bold nod to classic perfume campaigns. The fusion of both worlds is also noticeable in the packaging. The wine red bottle together with the lime yellow label refer to the limited edition LP cover and vinyl record. Since both artists are vegan, vegan imitation leather was chosen instead of the real Miglot leather for the label with both logos. As a teaser, the Miglot logo was also incorporated into the cover art on Spotify for the song perfume. 

Watch the music video on Youtube:

What does the no sleep in LA perfume smell like?
“I started from the story behind the song”, Kristof says. “I translated that atmosphere into a soft, warm perfume, with a sunscreen element that refers to the sunny weather in L.A. Not a tough, but a soft scent that breathes peace and tranquility. The no sleep in LA perfume gives a sunny first impression thanks to citrus fruits and tropical pineapple. A spicy bouquet with jasmine, rose and lilies, flavoured with vanilla and resin, gives a warm skin scent.

The main fragrance notes are:
Top: bergamot, tangerine, orange, pineapple
Heart: jasmine, rose, lilies, cardamom
Base: vanilla, benzoin resin, sandalwood, cedarwood

More info: no sleep in LA Eau de Parfum 50ml : 60 euro. For sale from 9 September at Miglot Fragrance Lab in Ghent, via and at the gigs of blackwave.

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