Tested DHIST’L Shaving, Must-Have for a Wellness Shave

Tried a barber while on vacation? Now you can continue that amazing holiday experience at home with the DHIST’L Shaving products. The set includes a DHIST’L Shaving Bar (75 g) and a shaving brush. The perfect duo for a true wellness shave. But there is a shaving cream too for those who prefer…

The solid shaving soap, made from silybin (a powerful antioxidant from milk thistle seed), calendula oil, and a touch of menthol, provides a pleasant and caring skin feel during shaving. The shaving soap also foams well. The DHIST’L Shaving Brush – FSC® Wood Edition – is made from high-quality vegan bristles and is the perfect tool to whip the bar into shaving foam. The brush also looks luxurious and feels comfortable in the hand.

For those who prefer, the Belgian sustainable cosmetics label also has a shaving cream in its range. DHIST’L places a strong emphasis on the natural origin of its ingredients. Men’s skin has specific needs and therefore deserves specific care products…. The common thread throughout this range is silybin, a powerful antioxidant from thistle seed.

On one hand, we found the scent of the shaving cream and the shaving bar could be stronger, but on the other hand, it’s useful if you want your perfume to stand out, that the care products don’t have an overpowering scent.

Our skin felt very comfortable and well hydrated with both products. Defintely in combination with the serum. The DHIST’L After Shave Serum texture penetrates very quickly, making it appealing to both clean-shaven men and those with stubble. It is designed to reduce skin irritation, soothe, cool, and heal the skin. Apart from silybin it contains bladderwrack extract, blackcurrant seed oil, and a touch of cooling menthol. Great for a refreshing feel in summer!

DHIST’L Shaving Bar (75 g) and a shaving brush gift box 37,80 €
After Shave Serum 100 ml Price: €27.90 (gift box)

Available through pharmacies or at

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