Michaël Simeon: testing the hairdresser of the French speaking jetset

An invitation to test the hairdresser of the French speaking jetset ? When we heard Michaël Simeon does the hair of loads of RTBF celebrities and Walloon actresses, we thought that was allready a very good recommendation. But when we discovered he also works with the products of argan based Moroccanoil, one of our favourite haircare brands, we couldn’t refuse the offer.

“The story of Christine and Michaël Simeon is a true love story”, press responsible Mireille Pellet tells. “The story started like 15 years ago when Michaël met Christine, who turned her passion – hairdressing – into her profession. Christine started her career in a famous hairsalon in Brussels and regularly followed trainings to refine her knowledge and expertise. In no time her clientele expanded counting various well-known personalities from the showbiz and the sports world. Today Christine and Michael divide the tasks, still with a clear focus on service and customer. Christine remains an inexhaustible source, passing on her talent, know-how and energy to her team. Michael determines the vision, communication and concept of their activities.”

Feel good salon
When a few days later we meet Christine Simeon in the salon @Stockel, she is exactly as described. A whirlwind full of energy… positive energy… the kind of energy that makes everyone feels good about themselves. Christine listens carefully to our wishes. To what we want – we like our actual colour – but we want the grey outgrowth to be coloured. We also enquire about the option of a pony with a clip of human hair we brought along but Christine advises us that it is not a good idea. As we don’t really want volume on top of our head it will never generate a natural effect and the place where the clip will be attached will become visible.

We also tell Christine that we recently had a botox hairtreatment done and therefore should avoid products with salt, sulfates and parabenes. Christine suggests us to do some shading on our hair and to work for the highlights with the natural products from the Swedish vegan brand Maria Nila. Its a no brainer. We love natural and vegan and as Maria Nila generates the kind of highlights that disappear after five times washing, we can’t really go wrong.

Maria Nila has its own way for handling things. Wheras most brands have a hair care line for colored hair Maria Nila distinguishes color and hair type and therefore has different hair care lines. But Michaël Simeon offers more. The saloon also works with products from L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase and Moroccanoil. It’s no secret that Moroccanoil is the favourite hair care brand of Taylor Swift, but one of ours (top three!) as well !

It’s no secret that Moroccanoil is the favourite hair care brand of Taylor Swift, but one of ours (top three!) as well !

We enjoy the fact that the wash unit is completely in the back of the saloon. While we enjoy a massage of our scalp we don’t feel disturbed by noisy hairdryers.

Something else that catches the eye is the brush with wild boar hair that helps melting the shading in our hair for a natural effect.

When the moment for the brushing arrives Christine asks us which hairstyle we prefer. “Just straight with very little volume on top of the head”, we reply. “Waves would suit you as well”, Christine replies and she insists on trying something different. We surrender and the result you can see here.

We love it!

Michaël Simeon is a specialist in hair coloring. You can also contact them for brushing, balayage, extensions and other treatments such as fitting a new haircut or highlights. With hair salons in Woluwe, Jette, Wemmel, Anderlecht or Stokkel.

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