Jean Paul Mynè Keratin Plus Gold: the best keratin treatment in the world ?

We were told that Jean Paul Mynè Keratin Plus Gold is the best keratin treatment on the market. Needless to say that we had to try that one out.

Text and pictures: Anja Van Der Borght

We head to Jochen Vanhoudt’s Salon in Antwerp where Ines Hilven, educator @Riggio Cosmec, distributor for Jean Paul Mynè, welcomes us. Ines scrutinizes our hair carefully.

A few minutes later we get the verdict. “Your hair is so damaged that we suggest to spoil it first with a reset and a repairing plex”, Ines says. Of course we agree. The past months as jury member of the Echos Coiffure Awards we have been testing dozens of hair products that not necessarily were adapted to our hair type and this starts to show. Our hair tips feel very dry and look like marram grass on the beach 🙁

Ines first puts a reset (detox) treament on our hair, rinses it with water and then applies oxylock plasma (a plex of organic products) to recover our hair from the inside out. About twenty minutes later we are ready to start the Keratin Plus Gold Treatment. We choose the permanent Keratin Plus Gold Treatment that is as the name implies permanent and needs to grow out. “You are aware that your hair will be very sleek after this treatment loosing most of its volume?”, Ines says. “We hesitate a little and doubt whether a semi-permanent Keratin Plus Gold would be better but then in the end we came to test the permanent version so we decide to execute our first intentions. “The temporary treatment is more of a progressive treatment”, Ines says. “It gradually builds up and lasts for one to three months. It’s a perfect treament for people that want to get rid of their frizz but want to keep their curls or volume.”

The permanent Keratin Plus Gold Treatment will stay in your hair and needs to grow out. Your hair will be very sleek after this treatment loosing also most of its volume? The temporary treatment is more of a progressive treatment. It gradually builds up and lasts for 1 to 3 months. It’s a perfect treament for people that want to get rid of their frizz but want to keep their curls or volume.

Step 1: shampoo
Ines washes our hair with Keratin Plus Gold shampoo a basic pH shampoo especially developed to prepare the hair to absorbing the Keratin Plus Gold Treatment, as well as to make it smoother and to reduce the volume.

Step 2: blow-drying
Before starting to blow-dry my hair, Ines puts some Jean Paul Mynè serum in my hair. “This professional product is specifically designed to protect the hair from the high temperatures of flat irons and to ensure a shiny mane that is easy to comb”, Ines says. It contains extracts of Argan Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Linseed Oil, together with specific siliconecompounds that help improve the health of the hair, protecting its fibres and preventing attack by atmospheric agents.

Step 3: the treatment
Ines devides our hair in four big sections and attaches them. She doses 50 Grams of Keratin Plus Gold treatment in a container (30 Grams for short hair) and puts it on our hair. She starts in the back of our neck separating our hair in smallstrings and applying the product with a Jean Paul Mynè brush. Ines applies the product 0,5 centimeters from the skin working till the hair tips. The whole salon fills with the scent of green apples. “That’s normal”, Ines says. “Keratin Plus Gold treatment has a unique complex based on amino acids and stem cells from sour apples that are grown in Switzerland!” For weeks after the treatment we kept on smelling this very particular scent defintely when our hair was wet or when we were transpiring so you better get used to it. The smell is a bit acid like but very natural. That’s the good thing about it.

Step 4: blow-drying
To our suprise Ines combs our hair without rinsing it. Then she blow-dries our hair pulling it with a brush. 

Step 5: straightening
“It is important to comb the hair thoroughly in order to remove all surplus product”, Ines says. “It’s also important to choose the temperature of the straightener accordingly to the result you want.” Again she devides our hair in four sections and starts working our hair in the back taking strings of 0,5 centimeters. Slowly she moves the straightener over de hair string from root till tip. Carefully she checks the result to make sure the temperature is right. When she decides the temperature is OK she goes8 times over each individual hair string. Very frizzy hair eg along the face contour she even treats more times. Up to 12 times.

Step 6: shampoo and treatment
Ines washes our hair carefully with the Enhancing Shampoo and rinses and dries our hair. On towel dry hair she applies the Revital Mask that can do its work for about 5 to 7 minutes under a heat source. Then she rinses our hair and brushes it in a natural way. “The Enhancing Shampoo as well as the Revital Mask are free of sulfates and paraben”, Ine says. “Our products don’t contain chemicals as formaldehyde and aldehydes and our serums contain organic silicons that don’t build op but degrade in a natural way.” 4,5 hours later we are ready to go with a hair style that has changed from natural frizzy to classy sleek.

“To avoid that your frizz is coming back it’s very important to use only paraben and silcone free products in the months after the treatment”, Ines says. “Try also to avoid products containing salt (sodium).”

Today we are almost four months after our Jean Paul Mynè Keratin Plus Gold treatment and our hair is still very straight and smooth though it has a little more volume than in the beginning. Moreover our hair is still much easier to brush. Even when we had our hair done this week at the hairdresser he was amazed how easy my hair could be blow-dried. It’s amazing how this natural keratin treatment has changed our ritual in the bathroom and our hairstyle.

Four months after the Keratin Plus Gold Treatment

Jochen Vanhoudt Salon, Jezusstraat 39, 2000 Antwerpen,

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