Love is… caring: DHIST’L Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Celebrating love in style and with a heart for sustainability? No better way to do that than giving your favourite man a gift from Dhist’l. This Belgian sustainable men’s cosmetics brand makes care products specifically tailored to men’s skin, using no less than 99% ingredients of natural origin. Silybin, a strong antioxiant from thistle seed (Silybum marianum), is the star ingredient in the range that guarantees clinically proven anti-ageing, calming, purifying and mattifying effects.

Want to score with the perfect men’s gift ? DHIST’L has ideas aplenty:

The DHIST’L Serum delivers proven anti-ageing and firming effects on men’s skin. Thanks to its ultra-light, hydrating texture, men’s skin receives in-depth care before the Face Cream or Face Fluid, or simply separately as a course of treatment.

With its fluid light gel-cream texture, the Face Fluid has a hydrating, anti-ageing and skin-protecting effect. The Face Fluid does not feel sticky, does not shine but mattifies and is therefore ideal for normal to oily or combination skin.

The Face Cream, in turn, is a cream with a light texture that is fine for normal to dry skin. The Face Cream moisturises and has a restorative and anti-ageing effect.

The After Shave Serum reduces skin irritation, softening, nourishing and refreshing after shaving. The pleasant, light texture reduces itching and swelling caused by skin damage and ingrown hairs.

DHIST’L After Shave Serum € 28
DHIST’L Serum € 36
DHIST’L Face Cream € 38
DHIST’L Face Fluid € 38

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