CH.V Collagen Smart Film 9,200% more effective

Why use beauty creams, serums, drinks or machines if there is CH.V Collagen Smart Film that offers 92 times more absorption than other collagen products ? Beauty from within… 

Every day the market is flooded with remedies that promise us fewer lines and wrinkles and a young and beautiful skin. Yet there are many creams, drinks and aesthetic treatments that are merely empty words. This is where Primine steps in. The Korean company has developed an innovative technology called the CH.V Collagen Smart Film that works in a slightly different way than the well-known emulsions, injections and drinks. The CH.V Collagen smartfilm is no more than a strip that resembles a piece of paper and consists of hydrolyzed marine collagen that you place in your inner cheek just before going to sleep. The ingredient dissolves in your mouth in no time thanks to the oral decomposition technology.

Many collagen supplements come from the hides of pork and beef which has a higher bio-availability and absorption rate. Hydrolyzed marine collagen is cruelty free and is hydrolized for even higher absorption.

Studies conducted by Prof. Daniguchi and his team at H.Dokkyo University (Japan), show that absorption of collagen and hyaluronic acid into the bloodstream is 92x (9,200%) more effective via the oral mucosa (inner cheek) compared to absorption via the epidermal (outer) skin layer. This gives SmartFilm™ a unique advantage over the hundreds of other types of collagen available on the market, such as pills, creams and powders.

How it works ?
Put one sheet every day on the inside of your cheeck before going to sleep. CH.V Smartfilm will melt away in 10 – 30 minutes. The taste of the film reminds us of a sweet exotic fruit and though there is no sugar in the sheet we couldn’t help thinking each night what effect the ingredients could have on our freshly brushed teeth. It’s just an impression, I know, but still it made us a worry at night. 

After one month of use our skin looked definitely better. Less red and the complexion was more even. Our face also looked more relaxed.

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