My Skin Track UV first wearable skin sensor for safe exposure to the sun

Our surroundings are filled with environmental aggressors that can affect our skin: UV, pollution, pollen, heat and humidity. My Skin Track UV is the first wearable skin sensor for safe exposure to the sun. Together with its companion app it measures aggressors in real-time and provides personalized information to help you improve your healthy skin habits as better looking skin starts with healthy skin habits.

But how does My Skin Track UV work? The light emitting diode (LED) is used as a detector to capture UV light. This energy will be read by transferring data from the sensor to your phone using Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. Based on your UV exposure and environmental factors, the app uses an intelligent algorithm backed by over 27 scientific publications to warn you when your environmental exposure is at a level recognized to contribute to your specific skin concern.


Your max sun-stock is your recommended maximum daily allowance of UV based on your skin tone and the UV index, according to scientific experts. Each morning, My Skin Track UV will begin to measure your UV exposure for the day. Make sure to wear your sensor every day and sync it in the morning and evening when indoors, and every two hours when outdoors, for regular updates and tracking.

– Measures your exposure to various environmental aggressors in real-time
– Receive personalized advice: adapted to your skin type, skin tone, and concerns
– Get product recommendations: a skincare regimen tailored to you
– Easy To Wear: designed to fit your lifestyle; wear on clothing or accessories: just clip & go
– Battery-Free: No Charging Necessary
– Waterproof

Only available at apple through apple stores or
More info on My Skin Track UV 64,95 euros :

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