The perfect eyewear adds character to your face

Are you also admiring the images of models and stars in magazines or on tv? Don’t you ever forget that these people don’t look like that when they get out of bed in the morning. Moreover they have an army of stylistst at their disposal to get the best out of their natural features!

Professional stylists use a host of tricks to optimally accentuate facial proportions. Hair artists swear by face framing, makeup artists fool the eye by contouring light and shadow into the face while stylists and professional opticians use various eyewear shapes to put the wearer’s personality at centre stage. Roland Keplinger, Head of Design for eyewear manufacturer Silhouette, knows exactly which criteria make all the difference when choosing the right eyewear.

“Take your time to choose your eyewear as the perfect pair adds character to your face.”


Jagged edge or curve appeal?
The shape of the face determines the shape of the perfect eyewear. The wearer’s mirror image reveals whether his face is oval, round, square, long or heart-shaped. As a rule of thumb, round or curved shapes lend a much softer appearance to squared faces, while square frames add definition to round facial features. Seems easy enough. Meanwhile, nearly any shape of eyewear will suit an oval-shaped face. The eyebrows serve as an important guide. If the upper contour of the eyewear follows the curve of the brows, it creates a balanced, open look.

Silhouette’s Essence collection draws on the Austrian company’s tradition to create a spectrum of versatile models. An all-time favourite is the cat-eye, a titanium homage to the 1960s — timeless, ultralight and refined in every detail.

Let your true colours shine through!
The right shading can accentuate or even change your natural look. Generally, the greater the contrast between your frame colour and skin tone, the more striking the result.

Light skin is a perfect match with cool, silver, grey, black or blue nuances. Warm, olive-toned skin types pair well with amber, gold or tortoise shell colours. Let your trusted optician be your guide and explore the possibilities. It’s aways a good idea to take a friend or relative with you to get a second opinion!

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