Bye, bye puffy eyes with Clay and Glow

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so Clay and Glow created a cooling eye cream to make them look their best. Say goodbye to dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes. With this cream you’ll always look well-rested, perfect for the busy holiday season! What’s even more impressive, is that the products of Clay and Glow are especially suited for those with sensitive skin.

By Mirte Spaey

After having an allergic reaction to various skin products Dutch 23-year-old student Julia Veer decided to create her own skincare brand. Together with her boyfriend, she developed Clay and glow, a range of products that are almost entirely made out of natural ingredients. In short: the new ‘Cooling Eye Cream’ is for everyone. Julia explains how it all started. “I thought, well, if I have this or that problem there will probably be more people coping with the same issue, and I wanted to come up with solutions”, she says. Julia’s main goal was to help people with a sensitive skin like herself and offer them more skincare options. As it turns out, Julia was right. Over the last two years, the products of Clay and Glow became very popular and have even won several awards. After creating beauty productslike a clay mask, a serum, a moisturizer and, Clay and Glow now proudly presents its newest product: the cooling eye cream.

How it works ?
The cream is evenly distributed under the eyes with a metal applicator, which immediately cools and depuffs the skin. Another benefit of the applicator, is that you only have to use a small amount of eye cream every time you use it. That way, you can enjoy the product for a long time. Next to the immediate depuffing effect, the cream also has a long-term effect. It strengthens and hydrates the skin around your eyes, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. In other words, the cream helps keep your eyes look young and bright. 

No nasties
As the cream is for 95% made out of natural ingredients, you might wonder what’s in it. The 4 main ingredients are shea butter, avocado oil, vitamin C and vitamin E. Shea butter reduces redness and swelling. Avocado oil hydrates the skin and protects it from UV radiation, just like vitamin C that also protects the skin from other harmful factors and that tightens the skin. Finally, vitamin E really hydrates the deeper skin layers and has an anti-aging effect. Why look for artificial ingredients when nature has so much to offer? Under the motto ‘no nasties’ there’s no alcohol, parabens or perfume in the eye cream. Moreover, the cream is vegan and cruelty-free. Clay and Glow makes sure no animals are harmed in the process of developing their products, so you don’t have to feel guilty using them. What’s not to love?

Cooling Eye Cream. Advised price: € 24,95 (15 ml)

Product available at, and in all ICI Paris XL stores.

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