Jean Boghossian Art Cars for Bentley will revolutionize the (art) world

This year the Belgian Lebanese Armenian abstract artist Jean Boghossian created two Art Cars for Bentley and a lot of related art works that will revolutionize the world of art.

We are amazed when we discover the Bentley Continental GT V8 (street car) and the Continental GT3 (race car) in the Bentley showroom in Brussels. It is as if fire made its way over the car but in a very artistic way. Jean didn’t use his burning torches directly on the car paint like he did when painting some racehelmets and a GT3 hood (sold as art work), his art works were first digitalized and then printed on the cars.

Whether it is in his studio’s in and around Brussels, Monaco, Beirut or Cap Ferrat Jean is still creating art works for the collaboration with Bentley and he will continue to do so until October 2022. So be prepared to get more amazed the coming weeks.

All Jean Boghossian artworks for Bentley will be auctioned in October 2022 after being exhibited at the Summer Party at Villa Empain, this Sunday 21 August and at the Zoute Grand Prix (5 till 9th of October).

The GT3 by Jean Boghossian participated already in the 24 Hours of Spa (with pilots Stéphane Lémeret, Nigel Bailly and Matthieu de Robiano) and will participate at the 6 Hours of Hockenheim on the 4th of September and the 6 Hours of Barcelona the 2nd of October 2022 to rise awareness of the project because there is more to it than meets the eye.

All these works of art have the particularity to be authenticated by an NFT certificate. NFTs or non fungible tokens allow the creation of certified digital works of art, or the creation of a digital copy of a real work of art. Something totally new for an art car and something that will please a lot of car and art enthousiasts. Some of NFT’s are worth thousands of dollars today.

The profits of the auction as well as the funds raised by joining the Art on Car collectors club will go to the ASBL YourGT of Nigel Bailly, one of the drivers of the Bentley GT3 during the races who is paraplegic. YourGT supports L’Association Sportive du Centre de Traumatologie et de Réadaptation (ASCTR) which enables people with disabilities to practice sport. So this is art that won’t make you feel good but a lot of other people too!

Find out more over here and in the interview of course.

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