VIAGE Grill : casino vibes and tasty grill dishes till early morning

Faites vos jeux… Rien ne va plus! It’s so lovely to hear these magic words at the roulette table and feel the casino vibes. It’s something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. But sometimes you feel reluctant to cross the threshold of the casino. Since the opening of VIAGE Grill at the casino of Brussels beginning of October you no longer have an excuse. From now on you can experience culinary delights, feel the casino vibes and enjoy (if you wish to) the interactive the Great Gatsby show.

Pictures David Plas and Yassine Hannati

Do you love a piece of good meat, lobster or squid ? We can assure you that VIAGE Grill is the new place to be. At VIAGE Grill, the culinary delights are prepared in an Australian Broiler at 360° – that is a unicum in this neighbourhood – and the result is very tasty.

One would be tempted to order the Black Aberdeen Rib-eye (100% Angus from the Scottish Highlands) but we also tried out the Rubia Gallega Rib-eye (28 days, 100 % Rubia Gallega from the Basque Country) and we must say the latter was softer; it melted in in the mouth and it was more savoury as well.

The searing hot Australian grill prepares the meet to perfection just to your taste: grilled and crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Some call it grilling, others barbecueing, but one thing is sure: dishes prepared on the 360° Australian grill, also known as the “rock star” under the grill ovens, are a treat to the senses.

The heat of the grill sears every piece of meat, chicken or fish immediately. The result? A delicious piece of juicy meat, crispy vegetables or crispy fish & chips. Moreover, no additional fat is required for preparation in the broiler. And that is not all! VIAGE Grill only works with the best butchers in Belgium and Europe, and does in-house dry aging or dry ripening. This process ensures that the meat becomes more tender and has more taste.

The VIAGE Grill menu offers a nice selection of quality mature home-grown steaks (Bleu blanc Belge, Black Aberdeen, etc.), but also freshly grilled fish and seafood, delicious freshly prepared seasonal salads (vegetarian and other), burgers like ‘Truffle mac & cheese’ and side dishes. Both the squid and the calamares are a treat to the taste buds as well.

The presentation of the dishes is deliberately kept simple, because the strength of VIAGE Grill is in the preparation and taste of the ingredients.

Four tables viewed from the ceiling                      

From Monday to Saturday from 6 pm until the early hours you can enjoy a delicious dinner until the early hours. Afterwards you can take a gamble at one of the tables or machines in the only live casino in Brussels. The combination of the trendy decor of VIAGE Grill and the exciting atmosphere of the casino contribute to a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you wish to join the interactive show the Great Gatsby, don’t forget to book your tickets in advance. The show is interactive so those who wish can participate in the dancing, the theatre, those who don’t can take a seat in the back of the theatre and will be left at peace. The show is a perfect thing to do for a ladies night, for a night out amongst friends, as an incentive or just as a fun night out. We ourselves were not dressed up in Great Gatsby style and we luckily were not the only ones but the majority of the spectators was really dressed up very classy in roaring twenties style and with a little pain in our heart we wonderd why we didn’t make the effort to dress up as well. It should have been a lot of more fun!

Practical information
Mon – Thu: 6 pm – 2 am
Fri & Sat: 6 pm – 3 am

You access the restaurant through the Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE, Avenue Anspach 30 in 1000 Brussels. The minimum age is 21 years. You can only enter with a valid identity card. Be on time as you are obliged to put your coat at the vestiaire and to make a free membershipcard before entering.

You can make reservations through the following link. Don’t forget Le Viage serves delicious food till the early hours

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