Bieke Ilegems designs 1rst fashion collection in collab with Thelma & Louise

Belgian celebrity Bieke Ilegems always dreamt of working for tv, of writing a book and doing something in fashion. In the mean time she works twenty year for television, she wrote two books and today she presented her first fashion collection in collaboration with the Antwerp based fashion brand Thelma & Louise. Bucket list? Check!

Thelma & Louise and Bieke Ilegems presented the new SS20 collection at luxury boutiqe hotel De Gulde Schoen in Antwerp

For the past year the team of Thelma & Louise and Bieke Ilegems worked hard to get a collection together.“After we took over Thelma & Louise two years ago we immediately wanted to design a capsule collection in collaboration with a celebrity”, Liza Tanghe, co-owner of Thelma & Louise tells.Our PR-agency Mojo Antwerp suggested us to meet up with Bieke Ilegems. And frankly speaking it soon revealed to be a match made in heaven. Bieke dreamt from her childhood onwards to do something in fashion which made her very involved. Whenever she had some spare time she would jump in to check out some things.” “We also went together to Première Vision-Paris and I loved choosing the fabrics overthere” Bieke tells. “I felt like Alice in Wonderland and the recurring blue pink flower print I immediately knew I wanted to have it in the collection. We worked more than a year at this collection. I had to get to know the dna of Thelma & Louise first to be able to add my own touch to the collection. The good thing about it is that I love bright colours and that Thelma & Louise is all about colours and prints.”

“It’s hard to choose from the SS20 collection I helped designing but I can say that the pants I am wearing our my favourites”, Bieke says.

In each garment you will find a nice quote or saying.

Kill your darlings
“The capsule collection is very versatile and includes a cool red suit, but also elegant dresses with or without prints that you can wear with sneakers, elegant shoes or cowboy boots” Bieke says. “According to your mood or the occasion you can combine them with a pullover or jeans jacket. The most difficult part of this collaboration was to kill my darlings. Thelma & Louise don’t have their own stores so they depend on what their shops buy and then you find out that some things that you designed are not doing very well. I had to say goodbye to some pieces that I have put so much love and effort in and that are like the prolongation of my personality. The good thing is that about 70 percent of what I ‘designed’ has gone into production and that is a lot because often only half remains. But ‘designing’ is a big word. Of course I am not a professional designer so I was the one giving the input, choosing the fabrics and the design team of Thelma & Louise would professionalise it. I loved this collaboration, so let’s hope there will be a next time.

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