Lalique Soleil : you also want to be a sunchild ?

Born on a Sunday I like to think of myself that I am a sunchild. Burning bright. Joyful and radiant. Creative and connected. I live each moment intensely and always try to see the positive side. For those born on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday we have some good news. Soleil the brand new fragrance of Lalique makes you smell of the sun !

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A glorious burst of morning light. A delicious splash of caffé latte. A sweet touch of almond. A soft veil of jasmine and musks… This is Soleil in a nutshell. With this addictive new fragrance, Lalique celebrates the sun and the free-spirited women who love it. “We conceived this fragrance like a burst of morning light in a bedroom. A radiant halo of serene, intimate notes. Soleil Lalique is an invitation to wake up to the world with a smile!”, Barbara Zoebelein, Alexandra Monet and Benoist Lapouza perfumers at Drom Fragrances explain.

In the opening of the scent a green flash of cardamom glints against the sweet burn of caramelized sugar from almonds, drizzled with mandarin juice… A zesty start to a beautiful morning.

Then comes the gourmand heart, as delicious as that first frothy sip of caffè latte, sitting back on fluffy pillows. A mouth-watering pear granita accord and some jasmine, golden and warm as the rays of the sun make the heart somewhat addictive.

The base is like a silky carress of woods and musks. Like a pearly light filtering through gauzy white curtains. Dry-down notes are sandalwood, musks and pink praline. Are you ready to wake up and smell the sun ?

As an added, playful touch, a jewel is wound around the neck of the gold and coral bottle. Inspired by the timeless modernity of an Art Deco Lalique earring, the tasseled chain is adorned by a gleaming solar pearl drawn from the 1927/1928 collection, which resurrects a motif designed by René Lalique, sculpted with timelessly elegant graphic accents. This charm bracelet is exclusively offered with the lavish 100 ml bottle.

For sale in independent perfumeries. Points of sale info: Beautylux – 02 732 33 09
RRP: 30ml (62€), 50ml (87€), 100ml (122€).

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