Rituals : enjoy your X-Mas the Persian way

Our world counts tons of rituals as an expression of local cultures. Just cross the border of your village or city, your province, your country or continent and you will encounter so many other rituals. Funny or fascinating… some of them are very important and yet we know zo little about them. Yalda night or Chelleh night, a Persian ritual that is like the counterpart of our Christmas eve is one of those. The Dutch brand Rituals got inspired by this ritual for its Winter Limited Edition.

Text and pictures Anja Van Der Borght

Whereas our tables during Christmas evening are filled with turkey and decorated with holly, in Persia people gather on the longest winter night (often 20 or 21rst of December) with their loved ones around tabels filled with watermelons and pomegranates. It’s tradition for them to eat the last remaining summer fruits to give them energy for the coming winter.

During the evening people sing, make music and read verses of Hafez, the 14thcentury Persian lyric poet. Of course they also make wishes.

The new Winter Limited Edition by Rituals inspired on the ritual of Yalda is a collection that inspires warmth, light and well-being during the coldest and darkest nights of the year. We love the warm smell the products generate. The nice nutty smell of pomegranate combined with the vitamines and antoxidants of watermelon. All products that give you energy to get out of your winterdip!

Foaming Shower Gel (8,50 euros), a massage candle (23,50 euros), a Body Cream (18,50 euros) or a gift set with the three products (45 euros).

But there is also a kitchenset with handcream and handfoam (21,50 euros), fragrance sticks (25,50 euros), a candle (19,50 euros), the Poème d’Azar eau de parfum (39 euros) and the travel version (9,50 euros), an eau de parfum (39 euros) and the travel version (9,50 euros), a set of three bath bombs (13,50 euros) and herbal tea (5,50 euros).

And our favourite is this The Ritual of Yalda May all your wishes come true wish box (17,50 euros). Great to add something special to your X-mas eve.

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