Miracles by Annelien Coorevits : entering spring with charming ‘twinning’

What keeps you busy now we are forced to stay inside and our living room has become our new universe? Prepare yourself for those sunny days when we can hit the road again? With personal styling tips of Annelien Coorevits and her daughter Elena you and your mini-me will shine brighter than ever in the most beautiful summer outfits.

At the moment, we have to stay inside as much as possible, but that will be over soon! Before you know it, the most beautiful season is knocking at your door. Warm sun rays on our skin, just chilling on a terrace holding a cocktail in our hand, or walking barefoot through grass or soft sand…we can only dream of this now, but just the thought of it is delicious! Reasons enough to get new outfits for you and your little princess and enjoy both of you already from spring and summer!

Pink pastels
Annelien Coorevits: “This spring, there will be pastel colors everywhere. A trend which I personally find amazing. Certainly pink pastels are my thing. Also Elena is born for these soft pink colors with her blond hair and fair skin tones. Therefore it will not surprise you that pink pastels are all over our SS20 collection”. 

Bloom in color
Annelien Coorevits: “Dare also bold colors this spring, besides the pastel palette. A daring color which stands out suits most women beautifully and flatters almost all body types. You will also feel better! 

Dress it up!
Annelien Coorevits: “In spring, I like wearing dresses the most. With one little dress you have in one go a stunning outfit. It just needs a nice bit of jewellery and high(er) heels or a sneaker and you are done. At work or after, or a BBQ with the family… in a well fitting dress you will always be stylish! 

Celebrate spring by ‘twinning’
Annelien Coorevits: “Also in this collection we have quite a few lovely ‘twinning’ items for mother and daughter. Elena is always so proud when we match together.!”
Elena: “I just love to wear the same things as mom; Certainly the dresses which are almost completely the same but still just a bit different are the ones I prefer. Then I look like my mother but remain still also myself. The blue ‘Doolittle’ dress is my favoured one”

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