LAUVE by Lauren Versnick x Diamanti Per Tutti

‘Fire’, ‘passion’ and ‘love’. These were the three qualities that Lauren Versnick’s LAUVE collection in collaboration with Belgian jewellery brand Diamanti Per Tutti had to radiate. In honor of her late grandmother and all the other strong women in the life of the actress, model and producer. Women like her ‘Moenie’, but also her mom, aunts, sister and best friends. She sees them all like phoenixes rising from their ashes. An ode to them resulted in a jewelry line that playfully hints at the wings and claws of a phoenix, with beautiful details of red garnet gemstone and – how could it be otherwise – diamonds.

Empowerment is central to LAUVE, the collection that Lauren Versnick designed for Diamanti Per Tutti. LAUVE – a portmanteau of Lauren and Love – aims to inspire and empower all women, especially those whom Lauren holds in her heart. Women who had to pick up and reinvent themselves due to adversity. Resilient women like her dearest ‘Moenie’ (her lovely grandmother who passed away in the summer of last year), but also her mom ex Miss Belgium and tv-presenter Lynn Wesenbeek, aunts, sister and best friends. Thus, each jewel was given the name of an important woman in Laurens life.

The Lynn Ring (€120) is named after Lauren’s mother and symbolizes that nothing is impossible.

“The two invidual rings can be considered being my sister Morgane and myself held together by our mum who supports us always and always”

Lauren Versnick

In addition, the Anette Single Earring, your daily companion for a balanced power look. Completely approved by Lauren’s favorite aunt Anette.

The ring with three seductive garnet stones is also named after an aunt. “Que sera, sera”, that’s the power of the Rita Ring (€90).

The Moenie Ring (€210) was named after Lauren’s grandmother. The request to design a collection for Diamanti Per Tutti came just before her grandmother died. There was no doubt that her beloved ‘Moenie’ became part of the jewelry line. She and Lauren designed the ring together, in the hospital. With the striking ring, with red garnet stone, she hopes to encourage the wearer to spread her wings and live a life full of love. This symbolic jewel is therefore the central piece of the collection.

“Moenie had a penchant for very large gemstones. Jewelery often has an emotional meaning for me. You give them to people you love, including yourself, and of course you also get them from people you love. I prefer to put on the jewels all at the same time, to wear them close to me. Even though I fear that I sometimes look like a Christmas tree (laughs). The secret lies in combining fine, timeless pieces and true statement pieces, which is why I opted for a mix of large and small jewelery in my collection”, Lauren says.

“My grandmother taught nursing school. Anette and Rita were two students she became close friends with. When my grandfather died, my Moenie was suddenly all alone. Anette and Rita have proposed to live with her and take care of her son together. So my daddy was raised by three very strong women. They are my aunts by choice, not by blood”, Versnick smiles.

Our favourite : the Eli Megs Double Ring Yellow 190 euros.

The Eli Megs Double Ring (190 euros) features a phoenix wing on the ring, which is a signature symbol of this LAUVE collection. A show-stopping double ring, finished with no less than 9 clear diamonds. The phoenix symbolizes embracing new-found strength and courage, without any form of self-doubt. Human resilience and a lure for strength and prosperity. Brushed textures and striking details reinforce that message in a collection for the daring, who crave a perfectly balanced power look.

“Eli Megs is a combination of Elisabeth, my grandmother’s middle name on my mother’s side, and Mégane, a good friend. Elisabeth and Mégane never knew each other, but the stories tell me that these two wonderfully sweet women share many similarities. They are both honest and caring, always ready to help the other. They deserve this double ring!”, says Lauren.

Small enough to mix & match, big enough to make a statement. The Charlie earring (€70) goes for the golden mean. “(Actress) Charlotte Timmers is a very good friend. Everyone loves her, and rightly so! There is a great playfulness in her. Hence my choice for this fine mix and match earring.” says Lauren.

“Resilience is the common denominator among all the women I look up to. They never give up. After a setback, they pick themselves up and continue. Tireless. A wonderful fact, I think”

Lauren Versnick

Add a touch of sparkle with the Sofie Hoops (€220). Almost as sparkling as the person after whom the jewel was named. “Sofie is my best friend. As a boss lady, she works very hard on her own path and goes 100% for her dreams. She does not judge and supports everyone unconditionally. The slogan ‘Be whoever you want to be’ is tailor-made for her. ”, says Lauren.

The Janne Necklace (€ 130) is a tribute to all inspiring women to love yourself and be free. A message that Lauren received from actress & power woman Janne Desmet.
“Janne once gave me a pendant with a pineapple. That was an inside joke from Studio Tarara. She gave it to me as my daily reminder to chase my dreams. I wanted to design a jewel for her that is unique on the one hand, as a symbol for doing your own thing, but on the other hand that fits everything. That way you always carry that person – and everything that it stands for – close to you,” explains Lauren.

The Louise Chain Necklace (€150) is a heavy, adjustable necklace. A go-to if you like personal jewelry. The amulet can be engraved with the initials of a loved one, which can also be your own initials. “Louise was one of my best friends from high school. She always cheered me up when I had a bad day at school. With a flower or a sweet note in my pencil case, she always managed to put a smile on my face. The personal amulet symbolizes these hidden messages,” says Lauren.

The Olga Necklace (180 euros) is a double hoop with diamond claw ornament, in a delicate play of shiny and brushed textures. Ideal for a ‘Be yourself and don’t apologize’ look. “This necklace is dedicated to Olga Leyers. She never pretends to be anything other than she is. She takes life with both hands and goes for it. I find that wonderfully inspiring,” explains Lauren.

The Lize Ring (€290) is set with 48 pavé diamonds. A powerful ring that perfectly matches the indestructible loving spirit of actress Lize Feryn. “Lize is a wonderfully loving woman who lost her mother at a young age. Despite this setback, she has an incredibly positive outlook on life. She views every day as a gift. Her motto is: “Whoever does good, meets good”. I find that very inspiring,” says Lauren.

This Single Earring (€70) in the shape of a claw, set with four small diamonds, was named after Lauren’s longtime girlfriend Ella. “I’ve known Ella since high school. She is someone I shared joys and sorrows with. From the first time I fell in love to the first heartbreak and every giggle or vale of tears in between. We have grown up together and know: no storm lasts forever,” Lauren explains.

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