MŌRO: why ship water for soaps and shampoos ?

Did you know that most liquid soaps contain 80% water, wrapped in single use-plastic? Pretty absurd if you ask Yasmine Mili (28) and Katrien De Clerck (34), the Belgian founders of MŌRO. Why should we transport something that runs out of our tap? Next to that, the liquid soaps we are used to often come in plastic packaging. Plastic is not the problem, however the single-use aspect and low recycling rates create huge amounts of waste. An average a household of 4 uses about 80 plastic bottles per year in the bathroom. Only 10% of plastic ever created has been recycled. What if we could reduce those to zero?

The MŌRO concentrated refills help you reduce needless CO2 emission and plastic waste creation by simply using tap water. From shipping water to shipping waterless. A simple routine that is build on a belief that sustainability, quality, comfort and design can go hand-in-hand. 

“We were disappointed many times when trying more sustainable products. We always had the feeling we had to compromise on comfort or convenience.”

Yasmine and Katrien, founders of MŌRO.

Imperfectly sustainable
“We often get the feeling that sustainability is black or white”, Katrien says. “Either you’re a ‘sustainable’ brand (or person) or you’re not. Both get criticized. We are not perfect. We may never be. We can’t claim being a 100% zero waste brand, we don’t control the supply chain of our suppliers or their suppliers, we still drive cars and take the plane every once a while.” “What we are, is an honest brand”, Yasmine says. “We look for the best options that are kind for you and for our planet while maintaining comfort as well. You can count that we are 100% transparent on all our choices. At the end of the day, we want to sleep with a clear conscience. The core of our philosophy is that even small changes have great value and thus, doing it imperfectly is perfect in itself.”

Lets change our habits !
MŌRO means ‘habits’ in Esperanto. With their brand Katrien and Yasmine wants us to create habits for a better tomorrow effortlesly. Habits that don’t feel like you have to compromise on experience, comfort or quality. MŌRO is here to help you create these sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle. 

Lemon, sage, cedar wood – Gift box – body wash
A gift box contains one bottle and one refill in a beautiful box. Housed in a timeless design, this box kit is the ideal way to surprise someone with an original gift that also has a positive impact on our planet. Enriched with sweet almond oil, this gentle plant-based formula both hydrates and protects your skin. Available from Januari 2022 onwards.

MŌRO Essentials BV, Jan Van Boendalelaan 18, 3080 Tervuren, ,

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