10 reasons to love ‘Love 100’ diamonds

The Love 100 Diamond is the creation of Gabi Tolkowsky and his offspring. The Tolkowsky’s are the most celebrated family in diamond cutting in the world today; responsible for crafting some of the most famous and precious diamonds that have ever been discovered. Their understanding of the relationship between proportions and symmetry in the cut of a diamond and how light interacts within the stone to illuminate and accentuate its beauty, is second-to-none.

By Anja Van Der Borght

The Love 100 diamond – available exclusively at Chow Tai Seng Jewellery – is an exceptional diamond cut designed by Gabi Tolkowsky in collaboration with his son and grandson who were inspired by the desire to capture the beauty and brightness of the stars and constellations above. The unique 100 facet diamond celebrates the magnificence of the celestial bodies above and the greatness of nature below.

Love100 Cosmic ring
Love100 Cosmic ring
Love100 Cosmic ring

Standard round diamonds feature only 57 facets. The addition of the extra 43 facets has been precisely calculated to create additional light dispersion from the crown (top) of the diamond. The specific angle and number of the 100 facets means that the light is refracted and split at an increased rate, creating greater illumination within the diamond.

The Love 100 diamond exhibits exceptional brilliance, fire and an incredible scintillation. I was in awe and dream about the day I will have one around my finger.

Anja Van Der Borght
Love100 My Galaxy ring

Diamond assurance
Every Love ???diamond is independently graded by the De Beers Institute of Diamonds and is accompanied by its own individual grading report outlining the key features and natural origin of the diamond. The 4Cs (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat) are the universal parameters of diamond evaluation. Of these, it is the cut that is the most important factor in determining the diamond’s beauty, as an exquisitly cut diamond will ensure the maximum light return possible. This is where the skill and expertise of the master craftsman combines with nature to release the fire and brilliance within the diamond, creating an object of superlative beauty. The precision design and exact arrangement of each of the ?? facets has been calculated to increase the refraction rate for superior light performance and is particularly noted in the Diamond Grading Report.

The Hearts & Arrows effect
The precision nature of the Love ???cut reveals an extraordinary effect when viewed through a hearts and arrows viewer. ?Perfect arrows and ?perfect hearts are clearly seen through the crown and pavilion of the diamond, the true indication of cutting excellence. However, beyond this, a further exceptional feature is revealed. The Constellation Effect. This beautiful phenomena – a secret star – occurs due to the absolute precision of the facet arrangement. By bringing together the two greatest symbols of love and romance – the diamond and the star – the Love?? represents a cut beyond compare.

Love100 Vortex collection
Love100 Vortex collection
Love100 Vortex collection
Love100 Vortex collection

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