More X-mas with Miglot, Belgiums only fragrance brand

The smell of freshly baked bread when viewing a house for sale convinces potential buyers faster and by ‘atomizing’ a specific scent in the supermarket, visitors feel better, stay longer, … So why wouldn’t you go that extra mile to turn your home into an extra cosy place at X-mas time (or the whole year around) with healthy scents from Miglot, the brand behind fragrances that make you glow and the only perfume brand ‘Made in Belgium’.

For those that are not from Belgium and are not yet aware that Miglot won this year’s Belgian Beauty Award in the category ‘Best Made in Belgium’, presented by the editors of Knack Weekend/Le Vif Weekend, Feeling/Gaël, Libelle/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui and Flair; Miglot is a fairly new Belgian perfume and lifestyle brand from Ghent. All perfumes are developed in the Fragrance Lab by perfumer Kristof Lefebre. They are bottled by hand to guarantee freshness. 

Kristof Lefebre, founder of Miglot Fragrance Lab.

Kristof used to run his own pharmacy in Ghent but decided after ten years to retrain as a perfumer at the renown Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l’aromatique alimentaire (ISIPCA) in Versailles. He particularly immersed himself in aromachology, the study of the influence of odors on human behavior and the relationship between feelings and emotions. “In my pharmacy, I regularly saw customers suffering from problems in their life”, founder Kristof Lefebre says. “Some of them were really depressed, others were emotionnaly exausted or could just do with some positivity. At our fragrance bar I saw their faces light up. And that is something you can’t instantly do with a pill.” Once back in Belgium Kristof was ready to launch his own label ‘Miglot’, the Frenchification of ‘My Glow’. Scents that make you glow, is the driving force of the brand. Transparency, sustainability and quality are Miglot’s core values.

Perfumed Ceramic 
Are you the kind of person that loves to spray its favourite formula on bed and linen ? From now on you can perfumeyour linen closet long-lastingly with the scented ceramics ‘Made in Italy’ from Miglot, perfumed in their Fragrance Lab in Ghent with your favourite formula. 

Miglot Formula 15 fans of all countries unite and hurry to the Miglot shop as limited Eau de Parfum Formula 15 candle will only be available for a short time !

Your favourite Scented Candle in Limited edition
Aromas are not just about smelling ‘good’ but also about giving yourself and your home an identity. No better way to do that then with a qualitative scented candle. As the people of Miglot are always listening to the input of their customers they decided to introduce for the end of the year a limited Eau de Parfum Formula 15 candle to complete the Miglot blissful scented candles range. So Miglot Formula 15 fans of all countries unite and hurry to the Miglot shop as this candle will only be available for a short time !

The Miglot scented candles range will be completed this end of year with 2 other Limited Editions: The Scented Candle Formula 83 will let you dream away of a delicious pine forest and Formula 85 with Chocolate and Hazelnut is pure nostalgia. The handmade candles give a warm glow to your interior and fill it with an irresistible scent. “Our candles are handmade in our Fragrance Lab combining different kinds of wax”, Kristof Lefebre says. “Even the labels are handmade in a Ghent leather workshop. All short chain. The candles fit into any interior and stay on for about 40 to 45 hours.” 

“Our candles are handmade in our Fragrance Lab using beeswax and rapeseed wax.”

Kristof Lefebre, Founder Miglot Fragrance Lab

The Miglot fragrance sticks have been formulated according to the strictest standards worldwide in terms of VOCs into the (indoor) air.

Kristof Lefebre, founder of Miglot Fragrance Lab

Fragrance Sticks & Scent Diffuser
Another way to give your interior a fragrant touch is with fragrance sticks. The ten fragrances of the Miglot Fragrance Sticks set were carefully developed by the Master Miglotier with respect for you, your guests and the environment. That’s great relaxing, right? 

The Miglot Scent Diffuser is on the other hand the ideal way to perfume your environment in style, according to your mood or the atmosphere you wish to create.  

The Miglot Scent Diffuser

Looking for a special gift idea ?
For late deciders or for those who prefer to avoid the Christmas rush is the Miglot Gift Card a good idea. Don’t feel like plunging into the Christmas hustle and bustle or looking for a last minute gift? Then download the digital gift cards. From 25 € | 

Miglot Perfumed Ceramic 23,50 € for one ceramic large size (7.5 cm diameter) impregnated with pure perfume.
Miglot scented candle limited edition 44,50 € | 180g
Miglot Fragrance Sticks: 48,50 € | 200ml
Miglot Scent Diffuser with 5 Scent Bricks: € 168,50 
Miglot Refill set of 3 Scent Bricks: 28,50 €.

The Home Collection Gift Box Gold contains: 
– Scented candle of your choice (from 7 available fragrances and three limited editions )+ scented ceramic 54,50 €. 
– Fragrance Sticks of your choice (from 9 available fragrances) + perfumed ceramics 58,50 €. 
– Fragrance Mist of your choice (from 9 available fragrances) + perfumed ceramic 58,50 €.

Miglot Fragrance Lab, Koophandelsplein 17, 9000 Ghent, +32 (0)9 329 02 99,
Open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and by appointment.

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