Maker’s Mark: the whiskey your Chihuahua will love

While the previous Maker’s Mark Christmas sweater edition was said to be fun yet useless, that opinion was promptly refuted by many a Chihuahua with skill and style. And because in addition to mini dog breeds, plenty of bar cabinets could use some decoration, the premium bourbon brand created a new version of its Christmas sweater this year. Now already a collector’s item.

Oh yes, the sweater is still not handmade. The bourbon in the bottle is. Maker’s Mark distinguishes itself from other brands as Kentucky Straight Bourbon by its extensive use of (70%) corn (the minimum for bourbon is 51%), but even more so by avoiding wheat; cause of the typical sharp note in bourbon. Instead, the distillation of Maker’s Mark uses only corn, rye (red winter rye) and barley, resulting in a delicate, smooth whiskey.

Recommended price: 34.95 €
Available at Delhaize, Cora and specialty stores

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