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Did you know that it was a woman from Charleroi – nicknamed ‘la panthère’ – that was the basis of the iconic Cartier La Panthère collection ? You can discover all about it in the Panthère de Cartier exhibition in Brussels in collaboration with Belgian designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer.

A cute golden ring, one of our favourite jewels @Cartier for the moment.

Follow the trail of the magnetic panther through the different chapters at the boutique, while discovering the richness of her interpretation in the most outstanding creations, including jewellery, watches, fragrances and accessories, articulated into three different artistic expressions: abstract, naturalist and graphic. It is the very first time visitors will be able to discover in an exhibition all the different facets of La Panthère at the Cartier Brussels boutique. The Panthère de Cartier exhibition and collection pieces will be showcased until September 25th.

Wild, magnetic, feline, … the panther has been a creative signature for Cartier since her first sighting in 1914. The first transformation took place in 1948, due to Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed ‘La Panthère’. An eccentric, emancipated visionary, she dared to flesh out the creature into three dimensions. A surprising aesthetic! In her eyes, jewellery was a symbol of independence. Jeanne Toussaint was unique. A free spirit, she was a powerful role model for the changing status of women. 

Jeanne Toussaint, from Charleroi – nicknamed ‘la panthère’ – was the basis of the iconic Cartier La Panthère collection

Jeanne Toussaint’s panthère became the signature for a generation of bold women who saw themselves reflected in her; first and foremost among them were the duchess of Windsor, Daisy Fellowes (a prominent French socialite, Paris editor of American Harper’s Bazaar, fashion icon, and an heiress to the Singer sewing machine fortune) and Mexican actress María Félix.

Mexican actress Maria Felix.

Through the design of the panther, whatever its artistic expression, Cartier always demonstrates its desire to embrace the essence of things. The shapes, colours, cuts, volumes, postures, and symmetry or assymetry structure the design, and punctuate and unleash the composition’s power of abstraction.

From jewellery and watches to perfume and accessories, the panther has been reinvented over time and through different collections

For Cartier, what is most important in the word “savoir-faire” is the union of the two words. It is a dialogue between creativity and technique, a permanent to-and-fro between designers, watchmakers, jewellery-makers, gem-setters, polishers and gem-cutters.

The most expensive piece in the collection.
Karen Mok for Cartier.

Design, gem mounting and paving all contribute to the panther’s realistic charm, down to the very last detail – the panther’s silky coat, which Cartier creates using its own “fur” setting technique. The idea is not to imitate but pay homage to nature, to breathe life into the animal and to provide it with a personality.

Bijou de poche, another of our favourite jewels.

Especially for the occasion Belgian interior stylist Jean-Philippe Demeyer redesigned the terrace of the Cartier Boutique. “I went for a stylish Old Europe villegiatura and riviera atmosphere”, Jean-Paul Demeyere says. “Using lots of red respecting Cartier’s colour and green for the Panthère. I use small local European manufacturers and all products are sustainable in time and in fashion.”

Panthère is an icon! Cartier is a legend! I am impressed and I feel honoured. Cartier stands for tradition, continuity and modernism. The boutiques are of an up-to-date sleek design, my terrace wants to be the opposite, out-of-date and in contrast but playfully complementary with the boutique .

Jean-Philippe Demeyer
Belgian designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer.

The exhibition can only be visited by appointment through the following link

Cartier Brussels Boutique, Waterloolaan 54, 1000 Brussels, tel. +32 2 537 51 61

Opening hours
Monday – Saturday | 10.30 AM – 6 PM Sunday | Closed

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