Casa Palmela: biking/horseriding in the vineyards of Setúbal (Portugal)

Do you want to retreat into nature for your next holiday, but do you also want a luxury vacation? One doesn’t have to exclude the other, you know. Hotel Casa Palmela in Setúbal, Portugal, offers you the best of both worlds.

Rural and quiet in a vast and impressive domain of about 70 ha amongst beautiful vineyards in the Natural Park of Arrábida,, lies a charming white mansion that dates back to the 17th century.

From the paintings on the walls, the impressive statues, the ancient furniture, … this place breathes history. “Most of the items in Casa Palmela belong to the family of my husband Bernardo”, says Joana Holstein. “For a long time the hotel used to be our family vacation house and this family spirit we wanted to keep.” Today Casa Palmela***** is member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and the main focus is quality, not quantity. Unlike huge hotel chains, this boutique hotel with only 21 rooms doesn’t have room for hundreds of guests and the personel try their utter best to remember you by name. It gives your stay that extra touch and makes you feel at home straight away.

Even though we are staying in a slightly colder room in the corner we are impressed by the decoration and cosyness of the rooms. Each and every of the 21 rooms looks royalty-worthy. Some have majestic terraces other amazing views. But each room offers that plus.

Each and every of the 21 rooms looks royalty-worthy.

Room/Quarto 22
Room/Quarto 7
Room/Quarto 10
Room/Quarto 19
Room/Quarto 1
Room/Quarto 16
Room/Quarto 23

At night, you can dine in the beautiful Zimbral restaurant and enjoy a royal meal or you can contact the reception 24/7 to book you a table in town or around. The centre of Setúbal is only ± 5km away from Casa Palmela, the harbour famous for its immense supply of sardines at ± 7km. Azeitão, known for its wine production, is at ± 8km, Sesimbra at ± 25km, Lisbon at ± 43km, Sintra at ± 64km and Cascais at ± 69km. If you’re rather feeling lazy, you can always order room service, which also is available 24/7.
Breakfast in the morning you can either enjoy in the ‘Casa de Jantar’ restaurant or on the terrace outside. Most of the time the weather will decide for you.

Casa de Jantar

If you want to completely escape your busy everyday life, this secret gem is definitely one to add to your hotel bucket list. Of course you can relax by the pool but you can also go hiking, go biking or horseriding trough the vineyards or enjoy a massage in the spa. And the good thing about is that you won’t have to wait in line to get a bike or fight over a sunbed by the pool.

Small swimming pool.

Casa Palmela has everything you need for a relaxing getaway. In summer, the daily maximum temperature of Setúbal lies around 28°. That’s why the outdoor swimming pool is a big yes. With a view of nature so breathtaking, it will be a challenge not to spend every day by the pool. Bring a good book and make yourself comfortable in one of the many original sunbeds. The hotel owner decided to cover them with artificial grass.

The big swimming pool with original artificial grass covered sunbeds.

The second place where you can relax, is the Slow Wellness. A vacation is the perfect time to get rid of those tense muscles. With many different treatments available, you’re bound to find one that will give you what you need: daily stress release, a foot massage, a deep tissue massage with almond or bamboo oil and more. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of wellness, you can also book a wellness retreat to hotel Casa Palmela with a made to measure program. More info on this you will find in our next episode.

The wellness @ Casa Palmela

A vacation is the perfect time to get rid of those tense muscles.

The small but cosy spa treatment room.

Early birds can follow three relaxing slow movement classes. The first class you can follow is pilates: movements that both relax and challenge your muscles. Pilates has tons of benefits, such as reducing stress, creating mindfulness and improving balance. Secondly, you can also follow a yoga class. It’s different from pilates in that way that a position is held for a longer period of time, whereas pilates is a form of exercise where you’re moving almost constantly. There results, however, are similar. Stretching, thirdly, is the slowest form of movement. It helps your muscles relax and prevents injuries.

Not so much into classes ? Casa Palmela has so much to offer and so many cosy corners, you won’t be able to decide where to relax first.

Casa Palmela has so much to offer and so many cosy corners, you won’t be able to decide where to go first.

Anja Van Der Borght

Casa Palmela, Quinta do Esteval, N10 km 33.5, 2900-725 Setúbal, Portugal, tel. +351 265 249 650, The nearest beach is at ± 6km.

Advised price: for one night, you usually pay between 242-298 euros for a double room.

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