FLYTE sets the light bulb free

We must admit. We were intrigued by the FLYTE levitating light bulb when we saw it for the first time in a picture. But seeing it in real life really blew us away. The levitating light of this mini art installation is not just hanging statically in the air… no, it turns around its axis the whole time. It is suspended by magnetic technology and powered through the air. Watch the movie. You wills see: FLYTE sets the light bulb free…

Designed in Sweden, the FLYTE base is made of sustainably sourced wood. Using energy efficient LEDs and thermal resistant glass lightbulbs means you could use it up to 12 hours everyday for 11 years! Of course the FLYTE has won several design awards. FLYTE is distributed by Hourlux a Dutch company specializing in exclusive time pieces and accessory brands.
Price 299 euros.

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