Get spoiled by Champagne Lallier, Michelin-starred Chef Nicolas Decloedt and Florist Nele Ost in April

Champagne Lallier celebrates the latest release in the Réflexion collection; the multi-vintage Brut R.020, with a unique collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Nicolas Decloedt who only uses plant-based ingredients in his restaurant Humus x Hortense and florist Nele Ost. Throughout the whole month of April a signature Lallier Réflexions dish wil be on the menu at Humus x Hortense and a spectacular flower bouquet from Nele Ost will be for sale. Why? You are to find out here.

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In its homeland France, Lallier has established an inspiring ambassador program with professionals from all over the world who share their ‘Réflexions’ – thoughts, projections, and insights – into nature as a source of inspiration and its role in their craft. The ambassador program is a tribute to Dominique Demarville’s (cellar master and general director of Lallier) first blend for the champaign house, the multi-vintage brut R.020, made primarily with grapes from the 2020 harvest.

Especially for the release of the R.020 Brut Multi-Vintage in Belgium, Lallier is working with several Belgian ambassadors who, like the brand itself, are closely connected with nature.

Lallier R.020 Multi-Vintage Brut is the 10th cuvée in the Réflexion collection and embodies Lallier’s original winemaking philosophy, combining nature and craftsmanship with the creative minds of today. Dominated by Chardonnay (51%), the R.020 Multi-Vintage Brut stands out with intense aromas of white flowers (acacia and hawthorn) and strong notes of fresh citrus, peach, and apricot, while delivering additional notes of mineral saltiness on the palate.

I am very proud to unveil this new cuvée to the world. With the R.020 Brut Multi-Vintage cuvée, we aim to depict the year 2020, which was a fruitful year in Champagne, while naturally striving for the perfect balance between the four spheres of the Lallier style: freshness, purity, intensity, and depth.

Dominique Demarville

The R.020 is aged for at least 30 months, as opposed to the required 15 months for a brut champagne. For the first time also, Chardonnay predominates in the blend (51%) over Pinot Noir. The low dosage of 7 grams per liter is in line with the philosophy of Lallier. R.020 is a multi-vintage champagne made of 81% grapes harvested in 2020, 9% in 2018, and 10% in 2019.

The Belgian Ambassadors
Especially for the release of the R.020 Brut Multi-Vintage in Belgium, Lallier is working with several Belgian ambassadors who, like the brand itself, are closely connected with nature. Nicolas Decloedt is the chef and owner of renowned and Michelin awarded restaurant Humus x Hortense; though he prefers to speak of it as a sustainable culinary project. “Indeed, we only work with plant-based ingredients that are actually fresh and locally available, but it doesn’t stop there. Our tables, for example, are made in a local workshop in Brussels from Belgian PEFC oak and the pottery on which we serve the dishes is made by my wife and co-owner Caroline,” says the Michelin-starred chef. “Really, everything we do is in the spirit of nature and terroir. Exactly what will be on the plate at the presentation of the new R.020, I cannot say. That will be determined by nature,” he concludes. What is certain, is that Nicolas will have a signature Lallier Réflexions dish on the menu throughout the month of April. And of course, this will be accompanied by a glass of R.020.

What is certain, is that Nicolas will have a signature Lallier Réflexions dish on the menu throughout the month of April. And of course, this will be accompanied by a glass of R.020.

Nele Ost – daughter of Daniel Ost and creative director of the flower house – is, like her father, a true floral artist and created a unique bouquet for Lallier: “When I think of champagne, I do not only think of a festive occasion or a delightful moment of relaxation, but also of the beautiful region and how nice it is to tour or walk around the vineyards. At the beginning of the rows, you often see beautiful rose bushes. But if you take the trouble to stop for a moment, you will also find other, wild flowers and plants with which you as a florist would immediately want to get to work. The bouquet that I created for this occasion is mainly inspired by the style of Lallier: a beautifully full and luxurious bouquet. We consciously limited ourselves to a selection of seasonal flowers in primarily white and purple hues, which respectively refer to the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from which the new R.020 is also composed.”

  • Lallier R.020 Multi-Vintage Brut is available from selected retailers worldwide at a recommended price of €43.19.
  • The signature Lallier Réflexions dish by Nicolas Decloedt will – accompanied by a glass of Lallier R.020 Multi-Vintage Brut – be part of the humus x hortense menu throughout the month of April. More info via
  • The exclusive Lallier Réflexions bouquet by Nele Ost is available for sale from March 21 to June 20 at the three Daniel Ost locations and via the webshop Price: €150 (for Nele Ost’s bouquet and a bottle of Lallier R.020 Multi-Vintage Brut).

About Lallier
Champagne Lallier was founded in 1906 in Aÿ, one of the few villages classified as ‘Grand Cru’. The prestigious name embodies the noble heritage of champagne. Lallier stands as a modern and respected champagne house, thriving on renowned vineyards elevated by progressive craftsmanship. Its unique winemaking philosophy reflects the individuality of a terroir like no other, and the ultimate expressions of this are the Réflexion champagnes and the prestige cuvée Ouvrage. The Experts series includes Rosé, Blanc de Blancs, and Blanc de Noirs, along with a Millésime vintage cuvée. In addition to Ouvrage, the Grand Cru creations also include the ‘Parcellaires’: Les Sous and Loridon.

About the Réflexion Series
The innovative Réflexion series offers a fresh perspective on champagne each year. Traditionally, champagne strives for the same, consistent product year after year, but Réflexion adopts a more contemporary approach: remaining true to the individual character of the year’s harvest while at the same time adhering to Lallier’s perfectly balanced signature style. Réflexion was first launched in 2014 with the R.010. Since then, a cuvée has been released every year, except in 2017, when the harvest did not meet the high standards required for this cuvée. Réflexion finds its purity and freshness in the grape variety, terroir, climate, and soil, while its intensity and depth are the result of choices made by the house: use of wood, prolonged aging, and custom-made yeasts.

About Nicolas Decloedt
Nicolas Decloedt, the chef of restaurant Humus x Hortense, followed a classic hotel school education at Ter Duinen in Koksijde but has simultaneously chosen a plant-based lifestyle for over 25 years. These seemingly divergent paths have led to an original cooking style guided by botanical research across 24 microseasons and respect for the terroir. The masterful compositions on each plate also reflect his eye for detail as a former art photographer. The international team of young chefs at humus x hortense forms a food collective led by sustainable principles, a zero-waste and circular approach to the food system, and a love for regenerative agriculture. His restaurant ranks ninth in the top 100 of the world’s best vegetable restaurants by We’re Smart. In 2019, the chef was awarded “Vegetable Dish of the Year” by Gault & Millau (16/20).

About Nele Ost
Daniel Ost is a Belgian floral house, established in 1978 by master florist Daniel Ost and his wife Marie-Anne Boeykens. Over the years, it has grown into an internationally acclaimed creative enterprise with a multidisciplinary team. Today, daughter Nele Ost, along with her husband Yann Callaert, leads the helm. In addition to the renowned flower shops in Belgium and abroad, the company decorates magnificent parties, designs breathtaking gardens, and simultaneously trains the next generation of florists. There are no limits. Traveling 500 km to find a specific orchid, decorating a sheikh’s wedding in the desert or sacred temples in Kyoto, drawing inspiration from other cultures… The team travels the world to bring the most exclusive assignments to a sublime end.

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