Les Larmes du Tigre: The Best Thai Restaurant in Brussels

In 2023, we embarked on a quest to find the best Thai restaurant in Brussels. After exploring various addresses, as Thai cuisine enthusiasts, we concluded that Les Larmes du Tigre deserves the title of ‘The Best Thai Restaurant in Brussels’.

Our memorable experience began on a hot September day when we eagerly settled on the terrace of Les Larmes du Tigre. The decision was tough, as the restaurant’s interior, adorned with dozens of umbrellas against the ceiling and various cozy, stylish corners, was equally inviting. The place was a refuge for politicians, diplomats, and groups of Thais escaping the heat. As Belgians, however, we relished the opportunity to bask in the sun on the bamboo-surrounded terrace. The weather was more reminiscent of Thailand than Brussels, but that only added to the authenticity of the Thai culinary experience.

In summer Les Larmes du Tigre serves bowls of authentic Thai Noodle Soup, straight from a Bangkok street corner!

To ensure our choice was well-founded, we decided to revisit the restaurant in the winter months, just after Christmas.

Rain or shine, a glass of bubbles is always welcome. Guided by the maître d’hôtel, we opted for La Petite Bulle Rosé Brut by Bouvet-Ladubay. This ‘vin de conversation’ proved to be a refreshing choice in the warm weather. La Petite Bulle is born from the idea of offering a convivial and refreshing cuvée, a testament to the expertise of the Grands Bruts de Loire from Maison Bouvet-Ladubay.

Tasty steamed appetizers with chicken.

For starters, we chose the Triangles d’Amour (5 pieces) – chicken marinated with honey in a baitoey leaf, served in a wicker basket for €14.90. It was our first time trying this dish, and though initially unsure whether to eat the leaf (you’re not supposed to), we found it so delightful that it’s now a must-order item for us.

The Sate Kai (5 pieces) – chicken marinated in coconut milk on a bamboo stick with peanut sauce – was exactly what you’d expect, but with a slightly more delicious and balanced flavor. The accompanying cucumber sauce was a perfect match. Priced at €13.90.

For the main course, we chose the Gaing Khiaw Waan Kai (€23.50) – finely chopped chicken with green curry, coconut milk, and Makhua, prepared in the Thai style. It was just like what you would enjoy at a local Thai restaurant: wonderfully balanced, light, and flavorful.

The Nua Phad Nam Manhoi (€24.50) – finely chopped beef with vegetables and fragrant mushrooms – was delightfully spiced and flavorful.

The staff were exceptionally friendly, efficient, and attentive. The generous portions meant we also left with a doggy bag, a practice we noticed among other diners and wholeheartedly endorse to avoid food waste. We are eager to return.

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