Treat Damaged Hair with Le Tokyo Treatment at Simeon Coiffure

If you have severely damaged hair from perming, rebonding, or bleaching, the Le Tokyo treatment at Simeon Coiffure in Brussels is a must-try. For over five years, this salon has successfully offered this treatment, addressing extensive damage caused by bleaching, frequent styling, and UV exposure.

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What is Le Tokyo Treatment?

Originating from Tokyo, Le Tokyo treatment has gained immense popularity in our region due to its proven effectiveness. Hélène Kama, manager at Michael Simeon Coiffure, explains that the treatment uses six different forms of keratin, meticulously balanced to replenish the hair completely. Tokyo Inkarami stands out as a premier hair treatment that leverages the advanced Inkarami technology and Fullerene, a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient, to repair severely damaged and yes even the most damaged hair.

The Treatment Process

  1. Pre-bain Shampoo: The treatment starts with a ginger root-based pre-bain shampoo, offering a delightful fragrance.
  2. Spray 1: Applied to open the hair cuticles.
  3. Cream 2: Deeply nourishes the hair and closes the cuticles. It needs to be left on for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the hair’s nutritional needs, and is tapped into the hair with a flat hand.
  4. Cream 3: Superimposed on Cream 2, performing the same function and requiring about 20 minutes to work.
  5. Cream 4: Applied post-shampoo, taking just five minutes to take effect.

The Tokio treatment is a layered care process applied without straightening irons. It involves Japanese-style tapping and massaging techniques. The benefits last for about six weeks, with the entire application taking approximately one hour, depending on the hair’s nutritional requirements.

Our hair, treated with Inoa color, showcased the remarkable results of the Tokyo Inkarami treatment. Visit Simeon Coiffure in Brussels to experience the transformative power of Le Tokyo treatment for your damaged hair

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