Aspria’s SPA DUO DAY Special: the Ultimate Christmas Getaway

As the festive season approaches, the magic of Christmas becomes ever more palpable, especially with enticing offers like Aspria’s SPA DUO DAY Christmas deal. This exclusive package, priced at just €199, promises a rejuvenating escapade for two, making it the perfect pre-Christmas treat or gift.

Nestled in the heart of the city, Aspria Avenue Louise offers a sanctuary away from the bustling streets and festive frenzy. This offer grants access for two to the esteemed facilities of Aspria, known for its luxurious and holistic approach to wellness.

A key highlight of the SPA DUO DAY is the unlimited access to the fitness area and the group classes scheduled for the day. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or looking for some light exercise, Aspria’s state-of-the-art equipment and varied class lineup cater to all levels and preferences. From high-energy aerobics to calming yoga sessions, there’s something for everyone.

The swimming pool and relaxation area are where you can immerse yourself in tranquility. The pool, with its serene ambiance, is perfect for leisurely laps or simply floating away your worries. The relaxation area, a haven of peace, is ideal for unwinding and reviving your senses.

For a more intense relaxation experience, the sauna, hammam, and jacuzzi await. Each offers a unique way to soothe and detoxify the body. The dry heat of the sauna, the moist warmth of the hammam, and the bubbling comfort of the jacuzzi work together to relax muscles, cleanse the skin, and ease the mind.

Deep tissue massage

A centerpiece of this package is the pair of traditional Swedish massages, each lasting 45 minutes. Known for their effectiveness in relieving muscle tension, these massages are a must-try. The skilled masseurs at Aspria use time-honored techniques to relax your body and recharge your energy, making it an ideal way to alleviate the pre-holiday stress.

In addition to these exquisite experiences, Aspria adds a touch of bespoke luxury with a special gift – a handcrafted keychain made from fine calf leather, available in black or camel. This elegant accessory, created by local artisans in Brussels, features the logos of 29TH|OCTOBER and Aspria, symbolizing the fusion of luxury and craftsmanship.

This SPA DUO DAY Christmas offer at Aspria is not just about relaxation and luxury; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories with a loved one. It’s a chance to pause and indulge in self-care before the whirlwind of holiday activities begins. Whether you’re gifting this to someone special or treating yourself, it’s an experience that epitomizes the spirit of Christmas – giving, sharing, and cherishing moments of joy and peace.

Aspria’s SPA DUO DAY Christmas deal is more than just a spa day; it’s an immersive experience that combines fitness, relaxation, and artisanal luxury. It’s an invitation to step away from the seasonal rush and into a world of calm and indulgence, making it the perfect prelude to the festive celebrations.

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