Advent calendars: an entire month of presents you love

Just admit it. We all love to get presents. The more the better. Advent calendars make it possible. Today there is an advent calendar for about everything, from toys to perfume and beauty products. For one whole month of excitement with products you love.

What’s important with an advent calendar? Don’t buy the cheaper ones as mainly the cardbord structure and the tear off perforation are of bad quality. Trying to open a door from the advent calendar and kind of ripping off half of the structure not only is very frustrating it also destroys the beautiful look of your advent calendar.

The Babor 2019 advent calendar.

Some history
Did you know that the very first advent calendars were produced in the early 1800’s in Germany. They were not the cardboard type we get these days, though. Christians thought of different ways of counting down the days from the start of Advent to Christmas Day. At first they kept track of the days by making chalk marks on their door, which were rubbed off one by one as Christmas got closer. Advent Candles and putting up a small religious picture to mark each day were other ways of counting down the days. (source:

The Maria Galland 2019 advent calendar.

The first actual advent calendar which we still buy today was produced in the early 1900’s, although first mass-produced in 1908 by Gerhard Lang who worked at the Reichhold & Lang printing office in Munich in Germany. The business produced over thirty different calendar patterns until the 1930’s. These calendars had 24 doors and were a lot better decorated than the advent calendars we have these days. (source:

The advent calendar chocolate
Before long, advent calendars had doors which when opened contained religious pictures, and some had chocolate in to keep the children’s attention. This was proving to be popular over the years but had to be put on hold when World War II started, because paper, cardboard and chocolate was limited. However, once the war was over the production of advent calendars soon picked back up in 1946, not containing chocolates though. Towards the end of the 1950’s, chocolate advent calendars re-appeared and started to spread across the world. Ten years later, many countries were using the advent calendar to count the days to Christmas Day. (source

Advent calendars are great for many reasons. Mainly, you get to open them up at the beginning of December even before Saint Nicholas, and assuming you don’t go the instant gratification route and open all of the days’ worth of goodies at once, you get to enjoy an entire month of daily presents. They are fun for young and old because we all like the thrills and suspense of finding out what is hidden behind the doors.

My favourite items from the Maria Galland 2019 advent calendar. I particularly loved the mascara and the bracelet.

Despite the fact that advent calendars usually are higher priced, they can actually be a great value if you’re looking to share your gifts, or if you’re looking to try a variety of products from one (beauty)brand. It’s great to discover new product textures, scent and virtues. Great to buy for yourself and great to give.

Just one problem. Advent calendars are limited edition and only available at the end of the year. But some brands found a solution…

The Klapp 7 Day Treatment.

Just one problem. Advent calendars are limited edition and only available at the end of the year. Some brands like Klapp cosmetics have thought of that and offer solutions as this 7 Day Treatment which you can buy throughout the year. Suspense guaranteed!,,

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