Let Sunset Hour by Goldfield & Banks Australia enchant you

Belgian perfume expert Dimitri Weber created a new magical scent within his luxury fragrancy house Goldfield & Banks Australia. Sunset Hour is the result of a beautiful Australian sunset and will always leave you wanting more.

Text Mirte Spaey & Anja Van Der Borght – Pictures Anja Van Der Borght

A few years ago, Belgian perfume expert Dimitri Weber created the fragrancy house Goldfield & Banks Australia for a clear reason. He had fallen in love with Australia and its lush nature and wanted to use the country’s natural ressources in scents. He was the first one to do so and created as such a very original range of genderless perfumes. One night he experienced a sunset in the Kimberley area of Western Australia, so breathtaking that he wanted to capture the moment in a perfume. Watching the sun set against a backdrop of white sand and turqoise sea while he smelled the native fruit gave him goosebumps. The ideo of Sunset Hour was born.

Sunset, tropical and native
The second you spray on the perfume, you immediately smell fruity notes of mandarin and desert peach. Those are the native top notes that make you feel like you’re standing right there in the middle of Australia’s greenery. On the second layer, the heartnotes give off a tropical scent, with jasmine, ginger, mango and coconut. The undertone of the perfume is made up out of benzoë from Laos, vanilla from Madagaskar, caramel, wood and more. Together, those three layers create a scent so rich that you just want to jump on a plane to Australia and smell that scent for the rest of your life.

For the Aussie in you
This perfume is gender neutral, because it would be a shame not to let everyone enjoy it. This scent is for you, no matter your gender, your background or your age. Go on and find your inner Aussie: an adventurer, an explorer, someone with a passion for nature and all it has to offer. And you will see, this summer will feel like an Australian one, with adventures waiting around every corner.

Advised price: 150 euros/100ml
Selling points in Benelux:

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