A seafood platter on New Year’s Eve will bring you luck

It’s believed that eating seafood on the first day of the new year will bring a year of luck, prosperity, and good health. Across the globe, many cultures enjoy seafood on New Year’s Eve. So let’s do the same: order a delicious seafood platter from a lovely place like L’Ecailler at Brasserie du Lac in Genval ; quickly forget 2020 and make lot’s of room for a fabulous 2021 !

Not only is a seafood platter said to bring luck, it is also very practical. Just order it a few days in advance, pick it up at a moment of your convenience and you can enjoy it in a relaxed atmosphere without having to run to the kitchen every five minutes.

L’Ecailler at Brasserie du Lac in Genval offers lots of different seafood platters. For one person, for two, with or without champaign. So even about the perfect drink you shouldn’t worry anymore. Moreover a seafood platter from the right address is tasty and great value for money. Those from L’Ecailler at Brasserie du Lac are exactly that.

We tasted a platter for two and enjoyed superfresh crunchy shrimps, lobster, whelks, a bowl of gray shrimps (unpeeled) and much more. It all looked so good that we had trouble deciding what to start with but of course we headed of with the oysters, enjoyed their freshness and delicate iodine taste.
Oysters are among the stars of the end-of-year tables and as they are the delight of aficionados of seafood products, L’Ecailler at Brasserie du Lac offers a wide variety of oysters. Hollow oysters like the Normande n° 4, Normande n° 3, Fine de Claire, Spéciale Oléron, Tia Mara, Gillardeau n° 4, Gillardeau n° 3. And flat oysters like the Papillon, Plate Belon n° 3 and Plate de Zélande n° 4. To accompany them and subtly spice them up they were accompanied by a shallot-based sauce. Gustatory pleasure guaranteed!

The only minus were the bread triangles. Instead of having a small butter aside, butter had allready been smeared on the triangles and though we are fan of butter we didn’t like this combination.

So while waiting for that moment that we can enjoy again the sunshine on the beautiful terrace of Brasserie du Lac close to the lake of Genval, enjoy the seafood in the intimacy of your home for luck, good health and prosperity. We need it in 2021 more than ever. 

Brasserie – Restaurant – Ecailler, Avenue du Lac 100 – 1332 Genval, Tel : 02 652 48 46,

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