Alternate Belgium organizes a 24-hour live stream and auction for ‘Make-A-Wish’

Computer specialty store Alternate Belgium organizes tonight a 24-hour live stream and auction for ‘Make-A-Wish’. On top of that, they also auction a custom-made Corsair Hydro X Gaming PC.

Alternate Belgium ties in with the annual tradition and organizes again an annual campaign for Make-A-Wish. With their online community of gamers, it is of course no problem for them to cast this in a corona-proof jacket. This year they are organizing a 24-hour during livestream.

24 hours of gaming and collecting donations for Make-A-Wish, that’s the purpose of the live stream that Alternate Belgium will broadcast tonight (18th of December 2020). In terms of location, they can count on the “De Stroming” conference center, which has made a hall available. The livestream will be on, a live streaming platform for gamers.

“We currently have more than 6,300 followers on our Twitch channel. We want to use this channel to raise money for Make-A-Wish,” said Alternate Belgium Marketing Manager Damir Cenanovic. In addition, they are also launching an auction in collaboration with BVA Auctions of a custom built water-cooled computer. “This computer was worth about $ 3,000 at the time it was built.” The proceeds of this auction will go entirely to Make-A-Wish.

The Alternate Belgium livestream will be shown on their Twitch channel. –

The auction can be found on this website:

YouTube link to the auction of the custom-built pc:

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