Which perfume to buy for Mother’s day?

Can you no longer see the trees through the forest with the avalanche of commercial perfumes on the market? Don’t worry! You’re probably not alone. MIGLOT Fragrance Lab in Ghent will be happy to help you find a wonderful scent exactly made for the person you want to surprise with a gift. The MIGLOT scents are also delicious, made in Belgium and everyone can easily find one or more perfumes at MIGLOT that he / she will like. In fact, MIGLOT has made such a convincing debut that a few months ago the Belgian brand won the Belgian Beauty Award in the category ‘Best Made in Belgium’, presented by the editors of Knack Weekend / Le Vif Weekend, Feeling / Gaël, Libelle / Femmes d’Aujourd ‘ hui and Flair.

Haven’t heard of MIGLOT yet? MIGLOT is a new Belgian perfume brand born in Ghent that opened its doors at the Koophandelsplein in Ghent just before the first lockdown last year. And even though the shops were sometimes closed, the driving force behind Kristof Lefebre did not abate. After all, every single perfume is developed by him as a perfumer in the Fragrance Lab and bottled by hand, in order to guarantee freshness. Transparency, sustainability and quality are the core values of MIGLOT.

The Miglot fragrances are named ‘Formula’ followed by a number. Some numbers that might bring bad luck like Formula 13 don’t exist. The labels on the bottles are in leather ‘made in Belgium’.

We received a sample kit a while ago with samples of various eau de parfums, and now you might believe that I liked so many of them that I didn’t know which one to choose. Formula 3, Formula 5, Formula 28,… these are just some of the perfumes that we loved.

You can also opt for perfume on the go with this smaller bottles in a beautiful leather pouch.

Are you still looking for a gift for a loved one? The suggestions of MIGLOT perfumer Kristof Lefebre:

Fresh scents for energetic types:
Formula 05: Summer aromas of refreshing drinks and the scent of warm skin. 
Formula 26: Smells like a boat ride on a sunny day. 
Formula 27: a perfume for someone who likes to get out for a brisk walk in nature.

Warmer Scents for hot and flamboyant personalities:
Formula 03: an introverted scent that gives softness and security.
Formula 56: a warm exotic spicy perfume, for those who love to cook and eat in good company.

Wood scents for sober, more temperate people:
Formula 32: a soft wood scent with cheerful fruit notes that radiates warmth and openness.
Formula 28: Wood with pungent black pepper for strong personalities.
Formula 58: a fresh, dry wood scent for elegant people.

Flowers for Sweet, gentle women:
Formula 07: an exuberant bouquet of white flowers, powdered with Tonka bean and warmed by sweet amber.
Formula 12: a 100% natural fragrance of rose petals and green leaves.
Formula 15: a subtle skin scent with a soft floral signature.
Formula 65: a summery, fresh floral scent that takes you instantly to the sunny south.

Are you not yet totally decided with these tips and do you find it still difficult to choose a perfume blindfolded or for someone else? Then it is maybe a good idea to surprise someone with a gift voucher! At MIGLOT Fragrance Lab you automatically receive a sample set, so your lucky one can take the time to test and choose. The Eau de Parfum can then be ordered online or picked up in the store.

The range also offers scented candles and fragrance sticks.

You can discover more fragrances, body products and home fragrances in the MIGLOT Fragrance Lab. MIGLOT also has fantastically beautiful gift boxes for different budgets, already assembled or you can put them together yourself.

Info MIGLOT Fragrance Lab, Koophandelsplein 17, 9000 Ghent, tel. +32 9 329 02 99,

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