Superboost : 7 years younger in just 4 sessions

Wow! Your skin looks so good!”, a 65 year old male collegue compliments me. “You seem to get younger and younger”. It’s one of the dozens of positive comments I got last week a few days after testing a first session of the Superboost, a trending technique based on biofeedback technology. For myself the most remarkable result is that my pores are closed again. What a difference! And this in just one session!

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When we arrive at Ikari institute in Antwerp therapist Isabelle Mercuri welcomes us in one of the treatment cabines. She invites us to take of our shirt, to pull down our bra straps and to put on a comfortable bathrobe. Then we lay down on the treatment table.

Isabelle scrutinizes our skin. Depending on our skin type and skin needs she chooses an adapted Superboost treatment program. The Superboost offers the softness of a painless cosmetic treatment with the impact of a medical treatment. The possibilities vary a lot: from a quick skin boost to a solution for skin aging, fine wrinkles, eye lifting, irregular skin, coarse pores, acne, (over) sensitivity, couperose, …

First of all Isabelle removes all our make-up with a special Aloe Vera gel. Then she starts the Superboost treatment. With a tip that strongly blows air on our face – like a Kärcher – she brings active ingrediënts like vitamins and minerals in our skin while the same jetstream removes dirt from our pores.


Then Isabelle asks us to sit up to attach an elektrode patch on our back just under the neck for the second part of the treatment: the electrostimulation. No need to remove jewellry or metalic objects like piercings for this step in the treatment.


Again Isabelle goes with a tip over our face. In this fase of electrostimulation (also called bio-feedback), the muscles get impulses so that they become stronger and tighter again. It doesn’t hurt or feel special. But sometimes we feel our muscles uncontrollably contracting. Another thing we experience is a metallic taste in our mouth. Fortunately, Isabelle had informed us about this in advance. Apart from that the treatment isn’t painful or strange.Click the photo above to watch the video


Biofeedback through the Superboost treatment, in the first place starts to activate the body’s own capacity to regenerate itself. The biofeedback mechanism means that we connect the skin and muscles back to the central nervous system, so that the body regenerates itself. These techniques are also used in cases of muscle paralysis after a stroke, to treat muscle spasms in children, and last but not least to prevent tingling nerve ends or frozen shoulders. Even footballers like Lionel Messi play equally well with their left and right foot because they train specifically with biofeedback mechanisms. This just to show and tell you that the treatment is completely safe.

Ikari skincare therapist Isabelle Mercuri – photo Ikari cosmetics

A biofeedback session lasts about 30 to 40 minutes and there are no contraindications. Biofeedback is even applied to babies and autistic children and is particularly effective in some problems where almost nothing else will work. In this way, therapists can even give people with a low-hanging eyebrow as a result of poorly injected muscle relaxant (Botox ED) a more symmetrical face with biofeedback. Biofeedback is suitable for all ages. The biofeedback mechanism actually requires four sessions. From then you have to maintain it, not by simply topping it up periodically as if you refuel an empty tank of a car, but maintain it rather in the sense of ‘keep the memory alive’. An annual session is enough.

After the treatment our skin is a little red but it doesn’t hurt. We notice that the deeper lines are less deep and especially our pores are much finer and less visible. Three days later our skin even looks better. And we still get compliments.


150 euros for one session and per zone (face, neck, décolleté)
100 euros for areas that need special attention (forehead or eyebrowlift, circles around the eyes)
80 euros per session for the hands

More information about the science behind biofeedback:

More info about the Superboost technique and the Deep Slim:

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